Towels Beach And The Sand

Towels, Beach, And The Sand – Essay, Research Paper

It was a great day for the beach, and I, being the nature freak I am, decided to go and get some sun. I needed a hat, bathing suit, suntan lotion, and a towel. My parents were home at the time. I couldn=t find any towels so I decided to ask them to help me search for one.

My mom was downstairs watching television and ironing. Who knew that moms could do more than one thing at a time?

AMom, I am going to the beach for a little while. Do we have a clean towel that I could take along with me?@ I asked.

AWell, honey! I am not sure about the clean part, but I do think we have some towels. Let me check!@ mom replied.

It took her a while, but she came up with her solution. AMom, why do you have a folded up doily in your hands? Where is my towel you were talking about?@ I said with confusion.

AWhat do you mean, honey? This is the towel you were talking about. It is not that small compared to your size. You can make do with it.@ My mom said with ease.

AThat won=t even fit my arm much less my butt. I am serious now get me a towel!@ Now that I am furious, she will stop fooling around and get me the flippin= towel.

AHoney, that=s all I have. You said a towel not a specific kind, and besides it is a hand towel. It is still classified as a towel, but a very small one. Have a nice time at the beach!@ and in which she finishes talking and walks away.

Great! Now I have to go to the beach with this rag for a towel. What if I meet a great looking guy, and he wants to snuggle with me on my towel. I will just have to tell him my other half of my towel is at the cleaners and we need to go use his towel. Parents stink! All well!

I am making my way to the beach, and I finally make it. I look around for a little bit and notice that there is no one here. Not a soul to be found! Oh well, got to make me be my company then.

I decide to lay my things not far away from the water. (It is just a hop and a skip from the doily.) I manage to lay my doily down, and get my things situated. I lay down on my tummy to try to fall asleep.

When from the corner of my eye a slightly overweight guy in a brief decides to lie down about 30 feet from me. He doesn=t look like he can get much of a tan, but he probably has nothing else to do. I notice one thing: his towel is huge. I am talking bigger than big. I am talking biggie size. He has room to have a picnic or a dance floor on that piece of cloth. Look at the details of the towel. My doily just has white. Now, how plain is that? His is so lovely and if I had that it make me look thinner. You know, they say diagonal lines can be used to make the body look slimmer.

I wonder if he would let me exchange towels with me. What does he need that big towel for? He can fit perfectly on my thing for a towel. I am going to ask him.

AHey, mister? Heeeelllllllooo!? Do you mind if………@


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