Concert Life Essay Research Paper Concert Life

Concert Life Essay, Research Paper

Concert Life

We were the metal, Ericson stadium the magnet. With the burning

heat reaching down to scold our pale defenceless faces we began

walking impatiently at a pressing pace towards the stadium. The

stadium projected a hum of activity and instrumental sound, which

was deafening the ear, already! . We clutched our tickets tightly as

though they contained the final ingredient to the cure of cancer.

Rapidly consuming energy drinks which were to provide us with the

weaponry energy to battle a physically and mentally tiring day of

dancing and trancing to magical beats and vocals .We swarmed with

countless other bees to the gate of the hive .The excitement at this

point was unmeasurable, indescribable, undefinable .We entered

mesmerised, it would have been mentally impossible to take in what

surrounded me at once, frozen with shock my eyes flickerd as though

malfunctioning, enjoying fragments of what there was to see. There

were t shirt sales, pricing stands, EFTPOS machines , people ,

autograph signing booths , people , stages and people , tents and

people , rides , skateboard ramps and more people. With no

knowledge of direction I journeyed into close proximity of the main

stage where Australian band ?Regurgatator? encouraged thousands of

rocking heads. We ventured through the crowd to destination

unknown with our path being dictated by others equally as lost.

In time I gathered my senses and began to absorb the surroundings

the best I could. I obtained the timetable of acts, which educated

me, one of my favourite bands ?HDU? had begun their set, and I was

alarmed! I scarpered with hast to the big tent where they were

playing. Vigorously focused on reaching the front I passionately

fought my way through undeserving listeners, to then enjoy their

slow mind exploring sounds, I slipd into a hypnotic state of mind

swaying to the movement of the trancing beat as pulsating vibrations

penetrate my whole body from limb to limb to the end. I tried to

battle my way through brick walls of people in pursuit of my now lost

friends my fight was soon restricted to a slow stumble, step by step,

inch by inch, while breathing sweat infested air I viewed humanity on

display up close in all its glory in all its disgrace. The search for one

friend brought the discovery of another from Napier, it was like finding

a pin when looking for a needle in a haystack. I attempted to

describe the indescribable experience I had endured at the ?HDU? set,

I then realised I am suffering from temporary hearing loss as they

begin screaming down my ears, and still I heard nothing.

The day progressed I felt weak and weary, so tired my next step

could have provoked leap oracy, vertigo consumed me. I sought the

remedy of food and water to energise my lethargic body and brain

dead mind by tailing a queue that stretched as long as Pinocios nose

after an age of lies but reward soon came as the dry rivers and lake

inside my body flowed rich. After head banging to the verge of

headache at the ?Shihad? set I tried to vacate the main stage but

found myself extricably bound in a crowd that eagerly awaited ?Korn?

to explode on stage, I was trapped in a sea of hunger, I was trapped

in the sea of generation X.

The darkness of night loomed and eventually destroyed the day.

Setting the scene for the ?Big Day Outs? final ace card ?Fat Boy Slim?

in the boiler room where we were sardines in a excessively full can,

morphing through openings with cockroach capabilities. ?Time to go?

said the security guard, representing the day?s termination. We

reluctantly obeyed all the time uncontrollably looking back, looking

back, looking back. Although disappointed we were liberated as life

would go on and now at a greater level as we then knew what it was

to really live.


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