Concert 2 Essay Research Paper Concert Review

Concert 2 Essay, Research Paper

Concert Review #2 On May 18, at 7:00pm, I attended Alexander Graham Bell Public School s Spring Concert. It was their first concert since their opening earlier this year in January. It consisted of 3 choirs: The Primary Choir, Junior Choir, and Intermediate Choir. There were also 2 bands, the Recorder Band and the Intermediate Band. Spring was the obvious theme of the concert for the gym was decorated spring like. Paper butterflies and flowers garnished the gym walls. Bird like sounds welcomed parents into the school through the intercom system. The first group to perform was the Primary Choir. The choir consisted of 18 students, mostly from grade 1 and a few from grade 2. They sang four songs, which contributed to the gym s spring array. The first song that they sang was called Nursery Rhyme Nonsense. It was a collection of nursery rhyme songs that reminded me of my childhood day s back in grade 1. It was very well sung for a primary choir. The other songs that they sang were: Cradle Song of Alsace, Chim Chim Cher-ee, and Big Beautiful Planet. The next group to perform was the Intermediate Choir. This group was made of students in grade 6, 7 and 8. I was surprised to see the whole choir was made up of all girls! The choir sounded ok, but since it was all girls they were missing the deeper voiced sections of a vocal choir. They sang 3 songs, What a Wonderful World, Any Dream Will Do, and Love in Any language. The next ensemble to perform actually surprised me because I had never heard an ensemble like any other. They were the Recorder Band. It was cute to see because 3 students in my music class, also have a Recorder Band (it was obvious who had more playing experience). They played 2 simple but familiar songs. They played Mary Had a Little Lamb and Ode To Joy.

It was intermission next and there was musical entertainment to accompany it. The junior choir sang 2 songs: Tarantella, and Siyahamba. Two members of the junior choir also performed a tap dancing duet. They performed to Flat Foot Floogee. Another duet, this time a flute and trumpet, provided us with entertainment. Two members of the Intermediate Band performed a song called Windstar. After intermission, the last arrangement performed. The Intermediate Band was made up of grade 7 and 8 students, 23 in total. They performed very well for a band at their level, however I noticed one section that they could have cleaned up a bit. The tuning in the flute section was horrible, being a flute player myself, knows how hard it is to keep it in tune. However, they were clashing terribly and it didn t improve the sound quality of the band. They played 7 songs in total. They were; Pleyel s Hymn, There s music in the air, German Waltz, Easy steps March, Choral, Infinity, and a familiar (but shortened) song that we played in class last year, Jurassic Park. Overall, Alexander Graham Bell P.S. put on a good concert. There were some kinks they could have worked on, but other than that, their first concert is one they should remember.


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