The Wwf Effect Our Chilren Essay Research

The Wwf Effect Our Chilren Essay, Research Paper

Does Professional Wrestling Corrupt Our Youth?

Media analysts have uncovered a new culprit in the growing culture of violence

among American youth, professional wrestling. Long considered boorish and pretentious,

televised wrestling is now regularly full of vulgarity, obscenity, and sexual innuendo.

Critics say professional wrestling reinforces sexual and ethnic stereotypes and

communicates to young people that violent, vengeful acts are morally acceptable. The

devastating impact of all this violence affects children, because one-third of the viewing

population is children under the age of fourteen.

Years ago professional wrestling gave up the silly notion that it was simply a

sporting event. Promoters, programmers and the wrestlers themselves admit the matches

are choreographed and a winner is predetermined. Now, there are scriptwriters who write

lines for wrestlers to recite in the ring, in backstage dressing-room banter, even in car

chases. Running story lines of feuds between the wrestlers and their women followers

have included attempted rape. Threats of killing are common in the prematch rhetoric.

Real wrestling is secondary and participants are not so much athletes as actors.

I feel that professional wrestling, especially the WWF (World Wrestling

Federation), corrupts the moral values of our youth and has taken a step in the wrong

direction, especially concerning women. It makes womanizing seem glorious and

acceptable. In the past year, the WWF has stooped to portraying violence against women.

This violence is not portrayed as women wrestling each other, but as men beating up


There are many sexual stereotypes occurring in the world of wrestling that

damages the minds of children. For example, the WWF has had a character called “The

Godfather.” His gimmick is, he’s a pimp. He has women dressed like prostitutes follow

him around. He calls them his “ho train” (whore train). If he is defeated, his opponent

supposedly takes the women from him for the night. I feel that his is very damaging to the

mentality of both boys and girls. This teaches boys that women are mere sex objects and

are inferior to men. Because of the WWF little girls grasp the idea that their intelligence

does not matter, just their body. It also instills in their mind that women are not equal to

men, but of lesser value. I believe that this type of observed behavior ultimately damages

the morality of children and obscures the difference between right and wrong.

In addition to the womanizing that is apparent in the WWF, there are also many

sexual innuendoes in reference to women. I watched one episode of WWF Smackdown!

on UPN and was shocked by what I saw. Val Venus, whose ring persona is that of a porn

star, addressed the women in the audience: Tonight, I would like each and every one of

you to invest in the Big Valbowski s mutual fund. You see, it s always up more than it s

down, and I promise you there will never be an early withdrawal. Big Valbowski is

Venus nickname for his penis. Try to think of a gentle way to tell your twelve year old

daughter what he meant by that. This type of innuendo degrades and disrespects women.

Val Venus disrespect women and talks down to them like they are less than human. In my

eyes, this type of behavior demonstrates to young boys that women are only worthy

enough to be treated as sexual objects.

Millions of children are watching this on TV. This will cause many of them to

grow up thinking that this is acceptable and normal. According to Dr. Bandura, a

behavioral psychologist, People become aggressive because they have learned by

experience, observation and/or imitation that it pays. A child’s readiness to learn through

imitation is a mixed blessing, as any mother will tell you. Children pick up undesirable

behavior as quickly as they pick up desirable activities (20/20 Internet). What children

see, children do. Children are like tape recorders. In large part, they replay and reenact

what they’ve seen and heard. When they see men beating up women, the image is stored in

their minds, waiting to be replayed and reenacted later.

The ironic part of these actions which corrupt the morality of our children is that

the WWF blames you, the parent, for the trauma that is affecting your children. In an

USA Weekend interview, one of the most famous wrestling superstars, “The Rock,” says

he has no problem with kids watching his show. However, he does add this: “As a

responsible parent, it’s important that you monitor what your kids are watching. At times,

our show is edgy. At times, it’s sexual. But we’re G-rated compared to what you can see

on other television shows. Nobody gets killed or raped on our shows. For a parent to

blame what their kids have done on me is ridiculous” (USA Weekend Internet)

The problem with The Rock s argument is that unfortunately parents cannot

monitor what their children are watching every moment of the day. Even if they could,

children can still have access to such viewing at a friend s house whose parents do not find

it necessary to monitor his/her television viewing. The Rock s comment about the

WWF being edgy at times is a total understatement. In fact, a yearlong study conducted

by University of Indiana telecommunications professor Walter Gantz of 50 WWF Raw

episodes found 1,658 incidents of wrestlers grabbing or pointing to their crotch, 157

counts of an obscene hand gesture, 128 occasions of simulated sexual activity, 47

incidents of satanic activity, and 20 appearances of a character portraying a prostitute

(20/20 Internet). A little edgy?

The owner and producer of the WWF, Vince McMahon, stated on a 20/20 report

that he is not to blame for the violence that children display. He claims himself to be a

responsible broadcaster, because his program is given a rating to guide parents. From

a parent s stand point, whether you choose to watch us or whether you allow your

children to watch us, that s your decision (20/20 Internet)

In that same 20/20 report on the World Wrestling Federation and the social effect

it has on America and especially on children, one young fan was even performing a patent

action of Stone Cold Steve Austin, raising the middle finger. This child s parents did

not teach him this action or the meaning of it. Instead the WWF taught this child. This

child did not lack parental involvement, but became a product of the virtual reality of

television (20/20 Internet)

In an interview with INSIDE EDITION, Vince McMahon advocated that it is

not his responsibility to educate the youth, but instead he is to entertain the nation. He

also credits the skyrocketing popularity of wrestling to creative direction. But

McMahon says, That s entertainment it happens in every school, in every location on

the street so, in essence we re being contemporary (Inside Edition Internet).

Entertainment? Is that what you call a cast of characters masquerading as pimps,

porn stars, gruesome undertakers and S&M enthusiasts these days? This is broadcasted

during prime time. This is the world view that the media corporation is teaching the

children: that there is no right and wrong, that glory and honor belong to whoever is the

most violent.

The sad part of this controversy is that children learning vulgarity from the WWF

is just the tip of the iceberg. Last year alone, a twelve year old Florida boy was charged

with murder in the death of a six year old neighbor girl who was thrown into an iron

stairway railing, a move he had seen on television. A three year old Texas boy died after

his seven year old brother put a so-called “running clothesline” move across his throat.

And a 12-year-old boy in the state of Washington was convicted of second-degree felony

murder after repeatedly body-slamming his eighteen month old cousin on a couch (20/20

Internet). When did television ratings become more important than the lives and well

being of our children?

Unfortunately, professional wrestling is here to stay, at least for now. All of you

parents can try to monitor your child s television viewing. Watch at least one episode of

the program your child views so you can better understand the content and discuss it with

them. Also, try to explain questionable incidents (e.g. random violence) that occur and

discuss alternatives to violent actions as ways to solve problems. Ban programs that are

too violent or offensive. Restrict television viewing to educational programming and

shows or programs which demonstrate helping, caring and cooperation. Encourage

children to participate in more interactive activities such as sports, hobbies or playing with

friends. And, most of all, limit the amount of time children spend watching television.

Hopefully, you can save your children s morality from the evil grips of professional


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