Тесты по английскому языку


W. Shakespeare

    W. Shakespeare’s father, John Shakespeare was …

a) a teacher b) a glove-maker c) a doctor.

    They lived in …

a) Hanley Street b) Oxford Street c) Wood Street

    W. Shakespeare was f born on …

a) June 1, 1560 b) Mau 5, 1464 c) April 23, 1564

    William went to …

a) a grammar school b) a private school c) a technical school

    He married Anna Hathaway when he was …

a) 20 b) 21 c) 18

    He had … children

a) 3 b) 2 c) 1

    In 1587 he went to work in …

a) London b) New York c) Stratford

    First, he began to work in a …

a) theatre b) play house c) school

    He did his job …

a) badly b) without interest c) very well

    Shakespeare became famous after …

a) 1595 b) 1594 c) 1590

    In 1599, he became one of the partners in management of the theatre …

a) “Covent Garden” b) “La Scala” c) “The Globe”

    He was the author of over …

a) 40 plays b) 30 plays c) 50 plays

    He died in …

a) 1616 b) 1620 c) 1630

    In Shakespeare’s times, young women’s parts were played by …

a) old women b) girls c) boys

    Actors first began performing to the public in …

a) theatres b) inn yards c) hotels

    After the death of Shakespeare the English Renaissance Theatre …

a) declined b) didn’t decline c) began to prosper



    The capital of the USA is …

a) New York b) Washington c) Chicago d) Los Angeles

    The capital of the USA is situated in …

a) Florida b) Texas c) California d) The District of Columbia

    The US Congress has its seat in …

a) The white House b) The Capitol c) New York d) Boston

    The white House is …

a) The Residence of President b) The seat of the US Congress

c) The famous national picture gallery d) The seat of the Prime Minister

    The biggest industrial city in the USA is …

a) Washington b) New York c) Chicago d) Philadelphia

    The President is elected for … years

a) 5 b) 3 c) 6 d) 4

    In … a group of people left England for the “New World” on board the ship …

a) 1620; “Mayflower” b) 1650; “St. Victoria”

c) 1520; “St. Mary” d) 1615; “Mayflower

    They set up a colony and called it …

a) Colorado b) New England c) New World d) Texas

    … is America’s harvest festival

a) St. Valentine’s Day b) Thanksgiving Day c) The Easter d) Christmas

    The first American flag had … stripes and … stars.

a) 1;1 b) 50;50 c) 20;15 d) 13;13

    Alaska is also called …

a) The Green Mountain State b) The Great Land

c) The white State d) The Sunshine State

    The Statue of Liberty was presented to America by the people of …

a) Italy b) England c) France d) Canada

    The first president of the USA was …

a) G. Washington b) A. Lincoln c) G. Kennedy d) Rusvelt

    The highest building in Washington is …

a) The white House b) The Capitol c) The Lincoln Memorial d) The Washington Monument



    Australia is seem to people …

a) an unusual world b) an upside-down world c) a strange world

    Australia was discovered by …

a) Ch. Columbus c) unknown explorer

b) Captain Cook d) Marko Polo

    Of first settlements … was the most important

a) Sydney c) Brisbane

b) Canberra d) Adelaide

    The early settlers were very … to the aborigines

a) kind b) cruel c) indifferent (равнодушный)

    The Constitution of Australia was introduce in …

a) 1900 c) 1901

b) 1905 d) 1898

    Australia’s greatest river is …

a) The Mississippi c) The Yukon

b) The Thames d) The Murray

    The main occupation in Australia is …

a) agriculture c) food industry

b) machine building d) ship-building

    Today there are about 15 million in Australia, most of then are of … origin.

a) Roman c) British

b) Franch d) Scandinavian

    The Capital of Australia is …

a) Sydney c) Canberra

b) Melbourne d) Adelaide

    The strangest of native Australian animals is …

a) the kangaroo c) the dingo

b) the platypus d) the emu

    … is a comical – looking animal.

a) the platypus c) the kangaroo

b) the echidna d) the koala

    The only killer among the native animals is …

a) the echidna c) the kangaroo

b) the dingo d) the koala

13. … and … are represented on the Australian coat-of-arms (герб).

a) the emu and the dingo c) the emu and the kangaroo

b) the kangaroo and the koala d) the coala and the dingo

14. Pupils who can’t go to district schools have to work …

a) through (через) Internet c) in colleges

b) through correspondence courses d) with home teaches

    The aborigines say that there are two worlds: … and … .

a) the aboriginal world in Australia and the aboriginal world of Australian islands.

b) the earth and the moon.

c) Australia and other countries

d) the aboriginal world and the sky world.

    The Aborigines like … .

a) the old Greek and Scandinavian myths.

b) the old Roman and Greek myths

c) the kelts and Roman myths

d) the old Australian myths


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