History Of Golf Essay Research Paper In

History Of Golf Essay, Research Paper

In 1788, one of the greatest days in sports, the first golf course was built

in Scotland. Scotland is considered to be the birthplace of golf. The game of

golf began its destiny in time towards becoming popular around the world. This

weird and complex game did not reach the United States until 1844, in New York,

where the first golf course was built. Some where in time the game of golf lost

its prestige in the United States. The professionals are mostly the only ones

that treat this game how it should be treated. Some Americans have no respect

and have no idea what they are doing to the game. The Scottish are very

different because they understand and treat the game how it should be treated,

with prestige and etiquette. Golfers that have taken up the game in the states

just don’t have the same attitude towards the game. I wish people would realize

how the game is supposed to be played and treated.

I think one of the main reasons golf is taken more serious in Scotland is

because it originated there and everyone was taught to play it the correct way.

In Scotland, you will never see anyone throwing a club or damaging the turf.

They always take great care of the course because they respect it. They know how

rude it is to act like that and they are all about etiquette. Everyone knows

this is a "gentleman’s game", as many people have called it. They

literally take it to heart, it is so impressive. When the Scottish play the game

they follow the rules very strictly. They never touch the ball no matter how

difficult or unlucky spot it ends up in. If it gets buried in the high grass or

caught behind a tree, they won’t move it. They "play it where it

lies", as it is said. They never bend the rules or shave strokes. They are

completely honest with themselves and others. This type of behavior makes the

game so much more fair and enjoyable because they don’t cheat other people or

themselves. They take what they get and realize that it is a part of golf.

The Americans, on the other hand, are a different story. For the most part

they are totally opposite from the Scottish. I say most people because the

professionals and some others understand and respect the game because they have

been taught or brought up correctly. Too many people want to throw clubs and

damage the turf. It shows no respect and it makes them look like a fool.

Etiquette is a major part of golf and not enough people display it. The

Americans also don’t like to follow the rules. They take the easy way out, to

try to get an advantage. When you do that you are beating no one but your self.

They are always moving the ball, trying to get the best possible spot. Don’t

touch it, play it where it lies, that’s what this games is all about. They are

always bending the rules some way or shaving strokes. The worst part is they

don’t think it is cheating, they think it is okay. The Americans need to be more

honest because in the long run it will help them and their golf game so much

more. I am a perfect example of why this is true. I used to be a typical

American and play like everyone else does. I didn’t realize this until one day

when my dad caught me cheating when I was a freshman in high school. I would’ve

rather got caught cheating by anyone else than my own father. It made me realize

how golf is supposed to be played, with etiquette and honesty.

In conclusion I want everyone to realize how different these two cultures act

because sometimes Americans think we know it all and do everything the right

way. I am very thankful for the experience that I was in with my father. It made

me realize how everyone around me was just as foolish as I was. Us Americans

could learn a lot from the Scottish people. One of my dreams has always been to

play golf in Scotland. When I arrived here at Butler I learned that once every

four years the golf team takes a summer trip to Scotland to play golf for two

weeks. I will definitely make sure that I qualify to go on that trip.


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