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The Great Gatsby Essay Question

7. What methods of convincing readers or persuading them to take a particular point of view have been adopted by a writer in one of the texts listed above?

The Great Gatsby, a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald has persuasively used many convincing methods to prove his essential points of view. Fitzgerald has used his narrator of the story, Nick Carroway to persuade his readers of the story line. Nick Carroway, comes from a well-to-do mid-western family. After moving to New York to enter in the bond business, Nick soon becomes involved with the affairs between Gatsby and the Buchannans. Nick Carroway although seemingly responsible, honest and fair, he shares some of the less desirable traits of his acquaintances. By displaying these sorts of traits, Nick has gained the trust from everyone as someone who does not judge others. As we turn our focus to page one, Nick states that he does not judge people, yet he has contradicted himself by saying this because he ends up judging everyone throughout the story.

Nick is reserved on making instant judgements about other characters in Fitzgerald s, The Great Gatsby. As readers, we tend to take the narrators point of view by trusting his comments and taking notice in the changes of his voice tones. Fitzgerald has used this method to the best of his ability by persuading that the readers that Nick, the first person seems to know what he is talking about because he was there . Nick displays his confidence in regards to being there first up on page one. This was achieved by the changes in his irresistible voice tones, as they continue to change as the story produces its themes.

Dreams and goals can never be fulfilled if they are never dreamt, and sometimes even those that are imagined and played for, can be lost along the way. In the Great Gatsby Fitzgerald uses symbolism to clarify Gatsby detachment with the American dream. Gatsby is convinced that his path and mission is to once again win over Daisy s love for him, with the idea of money and as he continues to believe this, his dreams only continue to crumble and fall apart. In chapter two Gatsby s love for Daisy is clearly evident and to persuade the readers of his love he demonstrates the characteristics of the American dream. Obsessed with materialism, most Americans believe they can by the emotions of love and happiness. A classic example of this is displayed in The Great Gatsby by the ways in which the Buchannans express themselves. Their status symbol is very highly regarded by east Eggers and the objects of their wealth are shown by the house that they live in, the cars they drive and the jewellery that they selfishly display. Symbolism has been a persuasive method used by Fitzgerald through the eyes of Nick Carroway, the first person narrator.

Nick has said to reserve his judgements about other characters, but this view vanished as the story went further into depth. Money has played an important part in this book. It has been the deciding factor in most events and has controlled many of the decisions in regards to the main characters. Gatsby s views of the American Dream, eventually led him to his own self destruction. In order to seek Daisy s love, Gatsby tries with the stakes of money. His dream of love with Daisy, led Gatsby s dream to be one of corruption. Although Nick has lead everyone to believe that he is an honest person, he reserves no judgment when describing Gatsby s dream, and the way he has gone about it.

The method of writing and the way the American Dream is central in many novels has proven that this dream is very different for different people. Nick s constant expression of other characters has been rich in detail. His lasting perception has given readers the opportunity to take his point of view which as a direct result has led us to believe that his opinions are right and are ones that can not be questioned. Nick s points of view have been taken onboard and adopted to the extent of he knows best .


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