Mischief Maker Essay Research Paper The Mischief

Mischief Maker Essay, Research Paper

The Mischief Maker

Ryan was a peculiar person? He was a short, slender, obnoxious, fifteen- year old boy with a long, narrow nose like a bird and a squeaky voice like a mouse.

He never expressed much about himself, and he did not for a long time. We were never acquainted at that time, but as I observed I noticed some unusual things that most people would not do. From time to time, he would wander around the gym as if he had no concern in the world. He never seemed to smile or show any expression at all, he would just make a movement to show what he was feeling. No one paid attention to him or what he did for that matter, because he was not an important person in the class. The more I watched him, the stranger he became.

One morning, though, he started to speak. He did not talk much about himself, but of other people and what they are like. Yet, the phrases he exclaimed were rude and inconsiderate of others in the class. He talked about his opinion of people and then suddenly people started to dislike him for his actions. I was never affected by his words, so I ignored him at that point in time.

The next day, as I was sprinting down the smooth cement track, he began to follow. As I slowed down to rest, Ryan slammed me to the hard cement ground. I lifted myself off the floor, and asked him to explain himself. I repeatedly continued to ask him why he pushed me, but he would not answer. Then, he started to say discriminatory comments, which were offensive to me. Once again, I asked him to explain himself and he would not. Yet, he did say something?

Ryan exclaimed, ? You want to start something?

I realized he was trying to start a brawl between us, so I walked away from him. While I was walking, he started to imply that he was much stronger and I would be a weakling to him, which infuriated me. Instantly, for no reason at all, he grabbed and pushed me to the cement floor. My glasses at that moment fell off and without my glasses I could not see very clearly. I felt his fist banging into my body, as I tried to get up. I held on to his shirt and took one punch at his stomach and he fell to the floor. I stood up, found my glasses, and left him in his miserable state. I realized that being defeated by a person like myself would be more humiliating, than anything else in the world.

Afterwards, everyone congratulated me for defeating Ryan in the scuffle that occurred among us. At that time, I realized that not one person in the class liked him anyway. To this day, I still do not know why this occurred.


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