Rolemodels Essay Research Paper Stephen JohnsonGood Role

Rolemodels Essay, Research Paper

Stephen Johnson

Good Role Models

Today teenagers are very impressionable and need good role

models. A role model is a person who exhibits leadership, spirituality,

and good behavior. Three sports heroes that have these traits are

Steve Young , Shaquille O Neal, and Michael Jordan.

Steve Young is a good role model because he has endured

persistant injuries, and always came back. He was a backup

quarterback for the great Joe Montana. He valiantly waited his turn

but was injured shortly afterward. He then returned and had a

phenomenal season in 1995. Later in his career he was plagued with

concussions, which could have resulted in him being paralyzed if he

would have kept playing football.He showed that even though he had

to wait ,when his turn came he showed that he had the heart to

to play the game.

Shaquille O Neal is a good role model because he kept a

promise to his mother.Shaquille is the most reknown sports figure

in the world at an astonishing 7 4 and 325 pounds.The promise he

kept to his mother was that he would get his college education

whether he was drafted into the NBA (National Basketball

Association) or not.This past winter he completed the hours needed to

achieve his college diploma.He calls his alma mater Louisiana State

University Love Shaq University .

The most influential role model of all is Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan is the most influential sports hero because he was a

great basketball player in the NBA, also a tycoon in the business

of manufacturing tennis shoes with Nike.He also does charity work

with children in and around the Chicago area during the off

season.Michael Jordan is the ultimate role model because he is a

dignified businessman and exhibits sportsmanship toward fellow

competitors and teammates alike.

All of these sports figures are good role models because of

their behavior off of the playing field,and also their professionalism

while on the field.


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