Decision Making Essay Research Paper Any decisionaffecting

Decision Making Essay, Research Paper

Any decision-affecting people has ethical ramifications and virtually all-important decisions reflect the decision-maker s mindfulness and resolution to ethical behavior. This is why it is important to know for yourself how you go about making ethical decisions, or making decisions of any kind.

Finding out how one goes about making decisions can be a rather hard task as I found out while I was researching my mind to decide exactly how I do go about making the decisions I make. The first thing I decided was that most of the thought about anything that might be affected by the decision. The most important thing, to me, is to make a decision and have reasons. I have to know why one choice is better than another. I feel compelled to look at every angle to assess what will be the outcome. I, personally, have a hard time making spur-of-the-moment decisions. If the decision involves something very important to me then the decision is especially hard for me.

Different things go through my mind and trust in my practical intuition; blind intuition also plays an important part. I make decisions based on different things depending on what kind of decision I am having to make, but there is always one ultimate source for my decision making that supersedes all other sub-categories that influence my decision making, and that does not change, regardless of the situation and that is God. God is the supreme ethical teacher and giver of wisdom, and why shouldn t I look to the originator of wisdom. God is the number one influence in any decision that I make.

I am a Christian, but one does not have to be a Christian to have values . Everyone has a primary source from which they draw to make decisions and it is often their values. The important thing to remember how or where you obtained these values. Are they yours or did someone else just pass them down to you. I have values, but the values I hold in my heart are not merely of tradition passed down to me, but spring from a life that I have chose to learn from. I decide to make decisions for myself because I want my life to adhere to the values that encompass my heart.

Decisions not only affect what and how we do with our lives, but also people around us everyday. Sometimes we need to take time to look at what or whom our decisions will affect. This is something that I have not always done and have tried to make amends for some of the decisions I have made in the past. With God now in my heart I will succeed. Thank you for the opportunity to express my feelings on a subject that has affected so many.


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