Writing Literary Works Essay Research Paper Works

Writing Literary Works Essay, Research Paper

Works Literature, what is it? Well, the glossary of our handy fifth edition of

Intro to Reading and Writing states that it is a written or oral composition

that tells stories, dramatize situations, express emotion and analyzes and

advocates ideas. How does the author accomplish all this? By using tools like

plot, setting, characters, and their very own tone and style. Some authors write

and base their works on passed events that at one time or another happened to

them. Others though have to use their imagination and that makes things more

complicated, because he or she has to come up with the characters and the

setting. In other words everything necessary for a story. In the other hand the

authors that witness an event would probably use the names of the actual people

and the setting where the event took place. Now even though everyone has

different ways of coming up with the material for a story they all use the same

tools. However, the different ways and styles are what make all the difference

between the best sellers and just another good story. Some authors get their

ideas from just regular every day life, while others go out and make things

happen. They go out seeking material involving people or better I should say

entities, like a force of nature maybe, these entities conflict with each other

thus causing dramatic situations of some sort. The writer takes all the conflict

and action occurring and makes some kind of sequence. It is required in order to

form a pattern or a storyline; this is called the skeleton or structure of the

story. Many authors use what is called a formal structure, which includes the

exposition, necessary information to better understand the story and also

details about the characters. Following the exposition is the complication, a

major conflict where the author has the characters try to resolve a crises or

situation. When the crisis reaches a turning point it is called the climax of

the story. Shortly after the climax the crises is resolved and the story comes

to an end. To express emotion the author has to use yet another tool known as

the setting. This helps the reader visualize a picture in his or her mind of how

and when the story is taking place. The setting is usually stated on the

exposition section of the formal structure type plot. Now if every author would

put the setting in the same spot or use the same structure, well reading would

quickly become very boring. So authors, sometimes without even knowing develop a

certain style of writing. They make changes in the plot using flashbacks on the

characters and alterations in the settings making every story different form

each other. These styles of writing are developed in what is called the authors

realm. It comprises of a number of things like where the author lives. Also what

his or her social standing in society is and even the author?s gender affects

the realm. Whichever way the material for a story is acquired and developed is

up to the authors, it is up to us the reader to enjoy them over and over or just

store them. These were only a few examples of how literature comes about and

what it is, but the possibilities are endless.


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