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Ecommerce Essay, Research Paper

E-commerce. Does this sounds familiar to you? Of course it does but most of us doesn t really know and understand what is all about. We know that everything today is growing e now but we really don t know what does it mean by that. E-commerce means electronic commerce, which means that commerce, is now electronic. In general term, trading electronically or you can say trade on the internet is called e-commerce. This concept has been widely used in the market now, since last 2 years and almost each and every company is coming out with this new formula to stay in the market. Almost each and every superstore has their web site and facility to their customers to buy products online. In the 21st century each and every individual among us will be running out of time and nobody wants to go out to shop and waste 4 to 5 hours rather every one of us would prefer to shop online at the same price and get delivered at our door step. The electronic retail marketplace demands the highest attention to visual graphic design quality, coupled with the ability to construct an electronic catalog. This catalog must support multiple layouts and instant credit card transaction processing. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of trading on the net.


? One can buy each and every product sitting at home.

? It saves lot of time.

? Sometimes it saves lots of money too. For example, when I registered for this fall term I visited the book store and figured out that the total cost including all the books was $ 390 and when I surfed on the net, the same books I bought on the net for $ 320 including shipping and it was at my doorstep in two days. Thus, I saved 70 bucks sitting at home and saving my time.

? Also when the companies start their business they give lots of gifts and promotions for the customers who buy from their web site which one cannot find in stores at all the times.

? Even each and every newspaper in the market is now online so you don t need to buy from the newstand and save the same money which you can use for different purpose.

? These shopping web sites also offer points towards everything that you purchase online and later on you can redeem this points to shop something free or use it towards your sky miles and fly free around the world.

? E-commerce is user friendly and very easy to use cause nowadays each and every individual knows how to use the internet.

? The online banking now saves a lot of time of a busy businessman and also individuals who don t need to worry about paying their bills and thus one also saves money of postage.

? The best advantage of shopping online is that you can shop 24 hours a day whenever you get time.


? There are lots of international lottery scams.

? Almost every shopping marketplace on the internet do not have their 800 number. As a result, if the customer if needs to speak to someone about a product or has some questions cannot get hold of their seller and as a result they have to e-mail them which is time consuming compared to talking on phone.

? There are numerous scams recorded in the past years shopping on the net.

? Sometimes shopping on the net is expensive compared to walking in a store.

? The delivery period gets long due to laziness of the seller or misplacement by the postal department.

? It is better to shop with the companies you know cause sometimes scams happen with unknown companies.

Due to open market economy of the government now you can check all the stores and products just by surfing on the web. The industries and traders who are not online today will be thrown out of market tomorrow. Tomorrow is based on e-commerce.


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