Chris Lancid Essay Research Paper Chris Lansid

Chris Lancid Essay, Research Paper

Chris Lansid was born in Chareston, South carolina. He had 2 brothers and 1 sister. He was born on March 3, in 1824 and lived until January 9,1902. When he was growing up he had 3 jobs at a time when he was only 12 years old. His family was brought up in poverty. All of his family members had to work to make a living. His family lossed a house and all of there possesions when he was 15. They lived in a motel for the next 3 years. They then got a house off of a award payment one of his sisters got. He had passed all grades with A’s and he was on his way to get a scholship. When he was 18 he got a job working with a famous inventor, Raul DeChristopher. He worked in the shop as a assistant. He became amazed at what he saw and learned that he wanted to go into the inventing/science field. He was accepted to Harvard. With all of his poverty, he now was in the best school at the time! He took the first year and passed it all with flying colors, same as for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. But soon after, a family tradgedy that would change him forever. On the 5th of July in 1844 his father became ill and was hospitalized. It was unknown what he had. From that day Chris was dedicated to fighting illness’. He has cured 3 illness’ in his life, one that belonged to his father, Ratestia. The other two, emphasema and lung elestia. He also played a big role in the treatment of cancer. Even though they did not have much technology back then, he still played a major role in he exposing of its effects and how it works. When he was 35, he had a masters and 2 doctors! He also went to 2 more collage and earned a nobel prize! When he was 41 his mother then came ill. They did not know what she had, but it looked like cancer. Chris recommended he do a surgery on her and expose more about cancer. He meant give her life for otheres. His mom was only in her 70’s and she agreed. Al of the family gave their good-byes and there was crying ad sadness, but he knew he had to do it. The surgery did not unveal anything but, one amazing thing is his mother lived through it. He was very happy about that. But he is not the only famous member of that family, oh no, the even more famous would be is younger brother, Lance. Lance was not as gifted in the academic stance, but he was still smart! That is wy he also work as an assistant to and inventor. Lance worked right next too Thomas Edison. His name is on the copyright for the light bulb! The most popular of all the inventions ever! He also had a masters and grew up to be a very wealth man. Thomas Edison, gave him 1/4 of the profeit’s from the ever popular light bulb! He is not the most famous though! The sister worked for a train company for 18 years and becamea president. In 5 years she got a loan from her brothersand bought this company. The company was tha maker of the best trains for over 30 more years. She made over 15 million dollars and is in the genusis book of world records for the most transportation devices produced in the United States! Now think about that a train versus a car on a assembly line versus a hand built train? She was good at what she did. She and the restof her family still own that company to this day. It is not as productive as before, but it is still one of the top ranked among trains. It is not yet a billion dollar opperation, but it might just make it. This family has been a big turn around, They went from homeless, to there mother and father died in a hospital named after them! They are a very popular family, They own over 10 trademarks and copyrights. The moral of this story is don’t give up.


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