Alternate Energy Sources Essay Research Paper WINDMILLSThe

Alternate Energy Sources Essay, Research Paper


The reason why I chose to do a project on windmills is because I would always drive

out to Palm Springs and I would see these huge thing’s that looked like something out of a

star wars movie. When I got closer to them I realized what they were. They were windmills.

Once I knew what they were I wanted to know what they did, my mom told me that they

provide energy. Windmills are made of parts such as the rooter electric generator, speed

control system and the tower. When there is a large group of windmills, they are called

wind farms. Wind farms are located in deserts. Because wind mill farms are usually in the

desert the energy has a long way to travel to get to a town. Some advantages to the windmill

is that it’s a renewable source of energy and it’s very cheap, the energy that comes will

never run out because the sun gives off convection currents which the energy from

windmills will never run out.

Another great thing about the wind mill is it needs very low maintenance. Some

cons to the wind mill is that they are not as people would like. Because the wind has no

rules you can’t always depend on it. You can’t save up wind mills for when there is an

energy crisis like right now. People complain that windmills are too noisy, but since not

that many people live very close to them its not that big of an issue. A very bad problem

with windmills and a sad one is that the blades of the windmills kill lots of migrating birds.

In the olden days they used to use windmills for energy to grind grain. In factories

they would use windmills to saw wood. During the 1800’s in America people would use the

mills to pump water.

Wind power is the fastest growing form of energy. California has some of the biggest wind

farms in the country. Example: Palm Springs. Wind power is only 3.9-5 cents per kilowatt

hours. The price of wind energy is expected to go down even further as new technologies

come out. With wind energy being the fastest growing form of electricity and the safest

many people believe we are looking at a happier, safer, and better tomorrow. Lets hope there

right for the sake of our children


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