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Employee Motivation Essay Research Paper Employee MotivationIn

Employee Motivation Essay, Research Paper

Employee Motivation

In the following essay I?m going to explain the type of motivation I would choose to motivate employees if I was the manager of a store. I would give examples, highlighting personal experiences that I had as an employee. However, if the motivation method that I intend to use dose not exists, companies should do research to find out which types motivation methods work for each ethic group.

If I were the manager of a super market the first thing I would do to motivate my employees would be to interact with them. What I mean with this is to find out which employees are doing the good work and the bad work. The reason for this is that this is the first step the manager should consider before making any kind of remarks toward an employee. Because some employees can get offended because they know that they are not the ones doing the bad work. Once the manager founds out which employees are the bad and good the next step is to initiative the interaction. To talk to each employee individual, one to one, to identify him which shores he/she is doing wrong and what kind of steps the employee can take to do a better job. Plus the employee should be reminded of all of the benefits a person can obtain by doing a good job. The benefit of interacting with the employee, one to one is that you would not offend him/her and embarrassed right in front of the co-workers. The manager should me aware not to scream or yield at an employee because of a bad work. This should be avoided at all times.

Avoiding screaming and yelling at an employee is a method that does not solve the problem it makes it worse. Example, the other days while my friend and I where working together on a job assigned by the supervisor made a mistake. Some how we forgot a job assignment. So we both decided to go home and come back the next day to ask the supervisor if any job where to be done. To our surprise the first thing that came out of our supervisor mouth was a display of anger, however she did not discussed the problem in a private matter. She went nuts; she started screaming a yelling in front of the rest of all the co-workers. Telling us how stupid we where to forget stuff assigned by her and that she was like the boss and she could do what ever the *censored* she wanted and so on. We both got very offended due to the fact that she displayed such anger in front of all our co-worker.

Therefore we decided not to go show up the next day to work. And due to the fact that we were enrage with anger with out to drink. On the bar we meet some good-looking women that told us how their corporation that they worked treated them right. That there was a day care for the people that had kids and had no place to leave them and how every year they got together to have a barbeque and that every 6 moths people would usually get a salary raise. We got more enrage because we knew that trough the years while working there we had never had a salary raise or any kind of activity that would motivate us to perform better. As the night continue with got more upset because they show us a couple fancy words that sounded very good; need, morale, motive. They also told us the meaning of each word, Morale is the mental attitude of employees toward their employer and job. Need is simply a felt lack of some useful benefit. Motive is an inner state that directs a person towards the goal of satisfying a felt need.

Due to the fact that my friend, the two women and I were drunks. We invited them to our apartment. We wanted to know more about them and the company they work for. We where very interested on know a lot more. All though my friend and I wanted to know more they refused to tell us more about their work place. Both of them were tire of talking about work and wanted to find out about us. So we decided to drink rather than to talk about work and by the end of the night they were on bed with us.

Therefore do not treat bad employees because they might be force to look somewhere else and the company might lose very valuable personal. Plus the new people that would be hire to replace the ones the left might cause grater problems and must be train to perform the job that once was occupied, losing money to pay the new employee and losing valuable time as well