Drugs In Sports Essay Research Paper When

Drugs In Sports Essay, Research Paper

When athletes use drugs In many schools athletes are required to sign a contract

in order to play sports. The contracts include of many rules and regulations

that prohibit activities that will jeopardize the athlete’s performance. The use

of drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden. Vandalism and other actions that

would result in any type of illegal happenings is also banned. The main problem

with the contracts is that the students don’t always obey them. Many athletes

will still go out and party and drink and smoke and get into other activities

that will harm their minds and bodies. "Stimulants" are drugs that

stimulate the central nervous system and produce an increase in alertness and

activity. They include caffeine, cocaine, and the amphetamines. The amphetamines

are composed of three closely related drugs that stimulate the central nervous

system and promote a feeling of alertness and an increase in speech and general

physical activity. Some people take these drugs under medical supervision to

control their appetite, but many of these drugs are used at parties to "get

high." Overuse and abuse have been associated with all of the stimulant

drugs, but risks are the greatest with the amphetamines and cocaine. Narcotics

are drugs that relieve pain and often induce sleep. Narcotics include opium and

drugs derived from opium, such as morphine, codeine, and heroin. Narcotics also

include certain synthetic chemicals that have a morphine-like action, such as

methadone. Most of these drugs will leave a lasting effect for more then one

day. Like a hangover from alcohol, these drugs will make you extremely tired or

even sick the next day. Drugs are prohibited by athletic departments because

they alter your performance. If an athlete uses one of these drugs they can have

lasting effect on them sometime during a game or at practice. All drugs are

illegal, and by athletes using them they set a bad example. Many younger

students look up to the "star" athletes in a school and if they use

drugs that is not a good impression to make. Schools do have punishments for

athletes caught violating the contract but most of the time they aren’t harsh

enough. Drugs are a very serious problem in all students lives, but if athletes

use them they can have a even worse effect. They could even jeopardize possible

scholarships that an athlete could achieve. Drugs in any shape or form have soo

much of a serious effect of the body that noone should even want to do them and

if they do they’re only wasting their own lives away.


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