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Sleep Essay, Research Paper


Peaceful sleep is something that people have longed for since the beginning of time. Animals sleep in order to rest there bodies and minds, so that they do not die of exhaustion. On the other hand, people use sleep as an escape from the stresses of life. Philip Sidney s Sonnet XXXIX is a excellent example of the extreme need humans have for sleep. He describes sleep as being a baiting place or a place for refreshment (line 2). Psychologically, to stay sane, everyone needs this place for refreshment to break the monotony of day to day life.

People always have and they always will love to sleep. For the most part, when people go to bed they do not have a care in the world. All they care about is going to there special place. Usually, sleep means all of the days tasks are finished, and all of that person s tasks are finished. The world is a very hectic place filled with a ton of people who do nothing, but make others crazy. These people make us crazy in love, crazy with annoyance, or even crazy from meanness. To me, when I see all the bad in the world, I just close my eyes and use sleep as a place to get away. While sleeping a person can live another life that is perfect for them, and never have any worries or cares. Or they could go to another place and experience thing they have never done before. Sleep is a quick and easy way to relieve ones self from the problems they might be facing.

Yes, sleep is an easy way for one to rest and get away from all of the hardships of life. But is sleeping all the time psychologically healthy? I feel anything used in moderation is a good thing, but some people say too much sleep is a sign of depression. People need sleep to live and function normally in everyday life. What if a person sleeps too much? It could be a sign of depression, if a person sleeps all day and all night. They could be hiding from the outside world. Instead of drug, a person may use sleep to cope with all the bad things that are happening to them in the world. This is when sleep becomes unhealthy. One day a person needs to wake up and face the problems they are having and not run away from them. Running away from ones problems never solves anything. All it does is cause more pain and anguish.

Sleep can be seen from many different angles. Some may say it is a good thing, and some may say it is unhealthy. But to me, I enjoy sleep and the places it takes me too. I love waking up from a deep sleep and feeling totally refreshed. So no matter what anyone says to me, sleep will always be my happy place


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