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Comfort Woman Essay, Research Paper

Comfort Women

The video was about the Korean comfort women. The video started of by showing the demonstration of Korean people and the comfort women. They wanted to punish those who gave this tragedy to those women. After the demonstrations, they showed this house where 6 comfort women shared. They interviewed these comfort women and showed how they lived.

When they interviewed these women, they all had the same reason to why it took them 40 years to come forward. They were all embarrassed and ashamed. They also didn??t want to remember their tragedies. Almost all the women were over the age of 60 and they were ill. The reason they wanted to step forward was because they wanted the whole whole to know about the issue and they wanted an apology from the Japanese government.

In the interviewed, Kang Deung Kung(67), she saw a show about the comfort woman on TV. She was saying ??I had the same experience?? so she decided to come forward as living evidence. Another lady told her love about the music and her life. The saddest scene was when this lady was crying as she was saying that she just want to die. She doesn??t want to live a minute but the only reason she is still alive is because she wants to get some money and buy some clothes before she die. Also in the video, they interviewed comfort women Kim Haksoon. She was the first comfort women who came forward. She told the terrible things the soldiers did and how it was still affecting her.

They treatment for those comfort women is through painting. They express their feeling through paintings. In many paintings, there were blood and bird. The blood was the killings of comfort women and the bird symbolizes freedom. They wanted to fly freely like the bird.

After the war was over, many women still stayed in China because they were ashamed to go back to Korea. Also some of them didn??t have money. In the video, they had to serve 5 to 6 soldiers for regular days and up to 20 in holidays. In other stats I seen, many women had to serve 20 to 30 soldiers in regular days and 50 to 70 on weekends and they didn??t even get paid. There is no way they could have afforded the money to come back to Korea. Many of the comfort women were either kidnapped or went by force or were lied. At the end, one of the comfort women who still lived in China told her story. In her case, soldier wanted to give her a ride home but instead they took her and raped her. When she enter this village where there were other comfort women, they other comfort women called this village ??blood-sucking village.?? She didn??t know what it means at first but she found out as time pasted. Just by the naming of the village, I can tell how bloody and terrible it was to those comfort women. All the comfort women aren??t asking allot. All they want is to be able to get some money to cure their illness and an apology from the Japanese Government. I hope that this problem would be solved soon.


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