Untitled Essay Research Paper In the Crucible

Untitled Essay, Research Paper

In the Crucible there were many things that we could have learned. We could have learned about religion, education, family lives, and justice or politics. Because the people in the Crucible did not do things as we do now, we can also what was different about our lifestyles. Our religion today is much different from the religion back in 1692. Today we believe that we can choose our own religion and which god to worship. Today we also get to choose which church to attend and when. In 1692 people were expected to attend a certain church and to attend every Sunday without absence. In 1692 They had good preachers and bad preachers, just like today. In the Crucible Reverend Hale was the local preacher. He was only interested in Christ and making sure everyone’s souls could get to Heaven. Mr. Parris, on the other hand, was an insecure man. He was mostly interested in how and what others thought about him. If for some reason in 1692 a person, such asGoody Proctor, was to miss a worship service or sinned by anything, it was assumed that this person was a witch. By this assumption, they were usually tried and hung. Religion has definitely changed for the better in the last 305 years. Our education in America is also different than it was in 1692. Back then children did not receive very much formal education. If a child, or adult, wanted to learn to read or write, they went to the local preacher or they were just educated at home. Mostly, education was not that important. Speech was their main source of supplying education and information. Today we learn much more by the eleventh grade, then they learned in their entire life. In 1692, Family lives were more important than they appear to be now. Families were usually set up where the father worked to support the family. At this time the mother usually stayed home to do housework and support the children, as in the Parris family, and educated the children as they grew. In today’s world it appears that both adults and children work so that they may support themselves. Politics, and the judicial system, has also changed for the better. since1692. If someone, such as Abigail Williams, was caught dancing or reading another book such as,Mrs. Corey, it was assumed that he or she was a witch. In 1692 most people, even preachers, were guilty until proven innocent. When someone was taken to court they were expected to plead guilty. If, for some reason, they did not and denied the charges they were guilty of perjury. Basically if a person were taken to court, they were guilty, whether or not they actually were. This was proven in the Crucible when Tituba was accused of witchery. Now, in 1999 everyone has a fair chance of being proven innocent. Since 1692 many things have changed for the better. Our religion situation is much more relaxed than it was 305 years ago. Now we get much more education than the Puritans could have ever dreamed of getting. Our family situation has also changed dramatically since 1692. Politics has also evolved greatly for the better I am glad to live in a time where I can make my own decisions, and not be persecuted for them.


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