Comes The Blind Fury Essay Research Paper

Comes The Blind Fury Essay, Research Paper

1. The Pendelton Family arrived at Paradise Point and began moving into their

new home. Michelle, their 12 year old daughter, found a doll in her closet and

she named it Amanda. 2. Michelle met her neighbor, Jeff Benson, on the beach.

They quickly good became friends. 3. Michelle met Sally Carstairs while on a

house call with her father. Sally told her about a young boy who died at

Michelle?s new house. 4. Michelle showed Sally the doll and she also found out

that she gave it the same name as a girl who fell off the bluff a long time ago.

5. Sally and Michelle visited the old graveyard near Michelle?s house. That

night, Michelle dreamt there was a young girl in her room 6. June Pendelton,

Michelle?s mom, went into labor in the graveyard. Michelle learned that the

girl in her dream was the famous ghost of Amanda, a twelve year old girl who

fell off the bluff a long time ago. 7. Jenny Pendelton became the newest member

of the family. Michelle saw Amanda again. 8. The Pendeltons get situated in

their new home. 9. Michelle went to a picnic on the beach with her school

friends. Susan teased her about being adopted, while she was running away, she

tripped on something and fell off the bluff. 10. Michelle began to hear voices

talking to her while recovering from her fall. 11. Michelle stayed in bed with

her doll and wouldn?t talk to anyone. All movement is very painful but she

insists that "Amanda" is "helping" her. 12. Michelle limped

out to the graveyard and she met Amanda there. 13. Michelle finally returned

back to school. All the children stared and laughed at her because she is a

"gimp" 14. Cal Pendelton, Michelle?s father, is in denial and he

wouldn?t admit that she isn?t getting better. He is afraid that it is his

fault because he picked Michelle up after her fall. 15. Amanda lead Michelle to

her mothers studio. She had her draw pictures and when she held onto

Michelle?s arm, she could see things that happened in the past. She drew a

picture of two people on a couch, they were Amanda?s mother and another man.

16. On the way home from school, Michelle saw Susan in the graveyard. Susan

began to tease Michelle and the suddenly the fog rolled in and Amanda came to

help. Susan saw Amanda and ran screaming into the fog. 17. Susan ran straight

off the bluff and Mrs. Benson, the next door neighbor, saw everything happen.

She didn?t see any fog, and she blamed the whole thing on Michelle. 18. In the

middle of the night, Amanda led Michelle out to her mother?s studio and she

commanded Michelle to draw another picture. This sketch showed Susan falling off

the bluff. 19. Michelle went back to school and everyone ignored her. June

Pendelton decided something was very wrong and that she needed to do something

about it. 20. Michelle walked home after school and she saw Lisa Hartwick, the

daughter of the school counselor. Michelle told Lisa that her only friend is

Amanda and Lisa thought Michelle was crazy. Suddenly she got scared and ran away

just like Susan Peterson. 21. The Pendelton family attended Susan Peterson?s

funeral. June made an appointment with the school psychologist, Tim Hartwick,

for the entire family. 22. The family went to visit the psychologist and

Michelle told him about Amanda and how it?s always foggy when she is around.

After he finished talking to her, Michelle went outside to the playground and

she began to play with a little boy named Billy. He tried to balance on a high

ledge, and then he began to tease Michelle because she is crippled. Suddenly the

fog came in and the laughing was replaced with a scream of terror and when the

fog cleared, Billy lay twisted on the ground. 23. Michelle?s father came

running when he heard Michelle calling for help, and when he found Billy, he was

still breathing. Later the family went to their neighbors home to pick up Jenny.

While Michelle is holding her Amanda came and tried to get her to drop the baby,

but she didn?t and Amanda got mad. 24. Again Amanda lead Michelle out to her

mother?s studio and she sketched a picture of Billy Evans laying crumpled on

the ground. Then Amanda told her to go inside and to kill Jenny. June woke up

when she heard a muffled cry and found Michelle in the nursery holding a pillow,

but Michelle said she didn?t do anything and she went back to bed. 25.

Michelle was playing with Annie Whitmore on the playground, and she was pushing

her on the swings. She began to tease Michelle about being crippled and then the

fog rushed in and Michelle pushed Annie so hard she crashed to the ground and

Michelle silently left the playground. Billy Evans died in the hospital. 26.

June Pendelton found the painting of the two figures on the couch and then she

realizes the setting of the picture is in her studio. When she looked at the red

stain on the floor, it began to spread. Sally Carstairs was walking home, and

she saw Annie?s crumpled body on the playground and ran for help. 27. Amanda

convinced Michelle to push a boulder off the bluff onto Jeff Benson. She did,

and people came racing after her. She jumped off the bluff thinking Amanda would

catch her, but she fell to her death. After Michelle?s death June burned the

doll that she felt had cursed her young daughter. Epilogue: Jenny Pendelton had

her 12th Birthday party at her home. She found a mysterious present in her room.

It was an old doll with a black dress and black bonnet. She decided to name her

new doll Michelle.


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