Legal Secretaries Essay Research Paper LEGAL SECRETARIES

Legal Secretaries Essay, Research Paper


Legal secretaries perform many of the same tasks as any other secretaries. For

example, they answer phones and type letters. Legal secretaries must follow strict

guidelines thats why they must be specialized in format for legal documents. For example

is some pleadings must be on legal size paper while other be on legal size. Some of the

documents that legal secretaries prepare are subpoenas, complaints, motions. Some legal

secretaries read legal journals and assist with legal research. Legal secretaries are

supervised by attorneys.

Legal Secretaries need excellent people skills. These skills are important when

dealing with angry or upset clients. Secretaries must be trustworthy because they often

deal with confidential material. Legal secretaries must be highly organized because

documents must go out on time. Legal Secretaries need good ability to check written

material, such as letters, for errors in grammar or typing and to move the fingers quickly,

as paging through a file. They also need good ability to see details and slight differences in

objects and to use words well when speaking or writing.

The physical demands are most common in an everyday lifestyle. They need to be

able to frequently use hands and arms to reach and hold objects, such as files and books.

They also need to be able to listen and talk to others and to use fingers to make fine

movements, such as type. They also need to sit for long periods of time.

Legal secretaries work in clean, quiet, well-lighted offices. They usually work 40

hours per week. They may work overtime to help meet deadlines. Legal secretaries sit for

long periods. Typing often requires working from materials that are difficult to read.

Working at a computer for long period may cause back and neck pain, eyestrain, and

repetitive motion injuries.

Nationally, the median wage for legal secretaries is $14.45 per hour. Half of all

legal secretaries earn between $11.24 and $18.10. Pay varies with the worker s skill,

experience, and level of responsibility. It also varies with the location. Earning generally

are lowest in southern cities and highest in northern and western cities. Beginning salaries

are slightly more in areas where the average local pay level is higher . legal secretaries earn

more than some secretaries because they must be very accurate and have special skills.

This includes knowledge of legal terms and procedures.

Nationally, about 285,120 legal secretaries work in this medium-sized occupation.

Almost all legal secretaries work in law firms. A small number work for government

agencies or insurance companies. Jobs for legal secretaries are available all over the

country. In Ohio, this is a medium-sized occupation. About 10,330 legal secretaries work

in the state.

Nationally, employment of legal secretaries is expected to grow about as fast as

average through 2008. The use of automated equipment is changing the work flow in

many offices. Administrative duties are being reassigned because secretaries can now

handle more work. In some cases, traditional secretarial duties as typing, filling, example,

paralegals are assuming some tasks formerly done by secretaries. In Ohio, employment of

legal secretaries is expected to grow about as fast as average. About 290 job openings are

expected each year.

Legal secretaries must have a high school diploma or GED. In addition, they

should have a background in typing, business accounting, office practices, and English. A

strong background in computers is very important. Specialized training programs are

available for students who want to become legal secretaries. These programs are available

from junior colleges and technical schools as well as through the mail.

Certification is optional for legal secretaries. It is rarely required for employment

or advancement Legal secretaries who have less than three years of experience can

become Accredited Legal Secretaries. Those who have three or more years of experience

can be certified as a Professional Legal Secretary. Applicants for the PLS title must pass

an exam.

The reason I picked this job is because my sister went to collage for this and I

thought it would be a good job to uptake. It think I would be good at this job because I

love working on computers and I love to learn new things about business.


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