Go To School Or Go To Work

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Go to School or Go to Work?

During the 1930s many people started families and worked in factories. Many of those people now wish they had gone to college. Now, in today’s society many young adults graduate high school and go off to college. However, many think college is one big party. Many young adults go to college there freshmen year and lose the concept of reality and why college is important. They throw the books down and replace that knowledge with mixing drinks. Unfortunately, college is the only way to succeed at many above average professions. Anyone can work at a fast food restaurant or a grocery store. Can anyone be a lawyer or doctor?

After going to grammar, middle, and high school a person can be very tired of school and want to get a job. Why keep yourself from learning farther? A major factor that keeps many people from going to college is laziness. One has to discipline and encourage oneself to keep the motivation level up. If one lacks that, than that is laziness on that persons behalf. It is like taking a test for school and receiving an F, because that person was too lazy to study. Yes, college is not easy, but who said it is supposed to be. It seems like an endless long haul, but it goes by fairly fast. If the motivation and discipline is among one, then the rest just comes during the college experience. The majority of people who have not gone to college are for the most part lazy. That does not say every single person that is not or has not went to college is completely lazy, but for the most part many are. College is a few years not a decayed or the rest of someone’s life. It is a commitment, which should be done through, and then the rest just comes.

In high school working at the mall folding the name brand clothes working to earn money to pay car insurance and to go out was the thing to do. Imagine doing that the rest of your life. It does not seem enjoyable anymore. The people that found college not to be a part of their career are the ones who work retail jobs, like at the mall. College helps people become and enjoy what is the profession dreamed about as a little child. One may go and decide it is not for them, unlike the person that never went to find out. Life is supposed to be enjoyable including the place of employment.

Many people do not attend college, because it is not for them. For those people who do not attend college, many make something out of themselves and others do not. There are many good paying jobs without a college degree out there, but it takes devotion and hard work to get them positions. Some people can replace the knowledge that they do not have with the hard work they put forth. People that own, assist, or manage do not necessarily need a college degree. Everyone has different aspirations and can achieve what it is they want as a life long goal.

Between college and work, there is not a correct answer. Only the person deciding the choice between the two can know which one is right for them. Both college and work take motivation. College is preparing one for the knowledge and experience of that certain professional degree desired. Then, going straight in to work is experiencing a certain profession that does not need a type of degree or knowledge. Furthermore, getting older and realizing the wrong choice was made could affect your life, so consider this choice between going to college or work seriously.


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