Essay About Cereal Essay Research Paper If

Essay About Cereal Essay, Research Paper

If you were living in the turn of the century, what do you think you?d be eating for breakfast? There were no unique “breakfast foods.” Breakfast was the same as any other meal: meat and/or eggs for breakfast. Though by the end of the 1800?s times had changed. The leading part of everyone?s breakfast was a bowl of cereal. Besides the many different name brand cereals there are to choose from, there are many different types of cereals that people prefer. For instance there are crunchy, no-sugar, soggy, and marshmallows types.

First off the main acceptance of all cereals would have to be the crunchy types. These types of cereals come in all forms, for example stars, little round balls, and many more. By America?s choice these are most common because they do not become all soggy when milk is added. The crunchy sensation of cereal in one?s mouth makes it all the better to enjoy their bowl of cereal. Even though the bowl can be either over diluted or not enough milk the feeling of having crunchy cereal still by the last bite makes it preferable to most people.

Another type of cereal that is available to people are the no-sugars cereals. Many people in the world are very picky about what they eat. People watch their diets and don?t prefer sugars in their foods. That?s why the food and cereal administration offer no-sugar cereals. No-sugar cereals are preferred because they can come in whole wheat and shredded oats, still making it a balanced part in their complete breakfast. Though some are not accepted because they can either become very soggy when added to milk, or they may not become soggy. Also some people prefer not adding any milk at all to these types of cereals. To which ever they want these cereals are very healthy and good making no-sugar cereals in demand in our society.

One of the most favorable kinds of cereals is the soggy type. These are the most commonly types of cereals that kids love. When adding milk to these types, it causes the cereals to become soggy and very easy to eat. Kids love these because most cereals that go soggy on them come in many various types with either marshmallows or none. These types allow people to enjoy having very soggy cereal but still get the satisfaction of the great taste that it has. The most common phrase heard mainly on television is, “Kid tested and mother approved.” This statement is true because the demand of soggy cereals is great and it forces the industries to make variable different types that kids can choose from. Comparing this type to no-sugar cereals they are in common because soggy cereals can have no sugar, evidently though they cant be crunchy because they become soggy when milk is added.

Finally, a common type of cereal is the marshmallow type. These are one of the best types because they can come in all types. For example it can be an all marshmallow cereal, it can be crunchy cereals with marshmallow, also the cereal can be soggy with marshmallows added. Though the main issue with marshmallows is that all get soggy when milk is added to them. Also there haven?t been yet a form of no-sugar cereal with marshmallows because all marshmallows have sugar added to them, so it is self explanatory why you cannot have them added to no-sugar cereals.

In conclusion it is known that there are many different types of cereals to choose from. Either soggy, crunchy, no-sugar, or marshmallow cereals are all a good choices and very popular. Cereal is the most preferred breakfast entree in America and brings to a conclusion why there has to be many forms and types to choose from In America.


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