Etta Johnson By Naylor Essay Research Paper

Etta Johnson By Naylor Essay, Research Paper

The male versus female power struggle between two character in "Etta

johnson," an excerpt from gloria naylor’s novel The Woman of brewster

place: A novel in seven stories illustrates the conflict of character’s

expectration. Both etta mae johnson and Rev. morelond woods want different

futeres for thier relationship. etta johnson is looking for a long term

relationship that involes marriage. Rev. woods want a "now and later

relationship that involves having sex now and possibly revisiting his partner

later without being committrd to that person. Rev. Moreland wood does have

totally different motives for their relationship. tta johnson is jobless and

looking for a man to take care of her. Etta friend Mattie adised her to meet a,

"man who’d be serious about settling down with you"(330) Mattie does

not feel that the preacher is a good candidate for marriage, but etta is content

with her efforts to cause the residents of Brewster to, "be humming a

different tune whe (she show up there the wife of a big preacher"(331) Etta

learns that she she is used for sex as power is not powerful enough to cause the

Rev. to want to marry her. Rev. woods is looking for something less committing

that marriage. woods is looking for a one time event and thinks of his encounter

with etta as agame. Rev. woods calls etta "worldy women"(333) and

commends her on her knowledge and "understanding the tempory weakness of

the flesh and don’t make it out to be something bigger than is" although

she does want more. Rev Mouland Woods does get what he wants from this

relationship, sex. Etta johnson is the loser of the power struggles and also of

her pride. After getting out of Rev. woods car, Etta stands on the corner in a

slumped position as the rev observers her in his rearview mirror this picture of

her, "caused him to press down onthe accelerator,"(333)illustrates his

fear of commitment. etta’s "broken spirit"(333) shower her

disappointment of not finding love, commitment and someone who cares for her.

Although the two character have different motives, they both gained something

from their experience. Rev. woods get what he is seeking , a sexual relationship

without commitment. Etta johnson does not get a proposal of marriage, but she

does get a reality check resulting inher knowledge of her fate. rev. woods is

the benefactor of this power struggle.


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