Bookreport Of The Cay Essay Research Paper

Bookreport Of The Cay Essay, Research Paper

The cay is about a young boy named Phillip. Phillip lived in Willemstad.The adventure starts when The German submarines attacked the island. Phillips mom decided to leave the island for America leaving her husband because he had a job at the island. Phillip and his mother took a little refugee boat when it got Torpedoed in the early morning. Phillip and his mom got in a raft but it tipped and they fell in the water Phillip screamed for his mom when something hit him hard on the head. When Phillip woke up, he saw a big black man named Timothy and a cat named Stew. He told Phillip he picked him up when a piece of wood fell on his head. Phillip already knew he would not like Timothy because he was black. It all changed when he became blind because of the wood that fell on his head. He knew he would not live without Timothy. One day in the early morning Timothy shouted out that he saw an island. It was not very big and had no water but it had sea grape. Phillip discovered that Timothy was an amazing black man. During the months they stayed on the island. Timothy built a hut and a rope to lead Phillip to shore where the big fire was to alert the airplanes that passed by. Timothy built everything they needed to live on the island even a water catcher that caught rain. He even taught Phillip how to catch fish.

One day tragedy struck on the island. A hurricane hit the island and Timothy died protecting Phillip from the water. Phillip buried Timothy on the cay. Phillip was well trained by Timothy and rebuilt everything and fished alone. At least a month past when Phillip got a plan to get rescued. He piled sea grape and wood and made a big fire with black smoke so people would see and come rescue him. He did his plan and people came to save him. The people that saved him contacted Phillips parents to pick him up. Phillip was glad his mother was alive. The hospital fixed his nerves and he was not blind anymore but had to wear glasses. When war was over Phillip and his parents moved to Panama. Phillip knew one day he would come back to the Island to see the body of Timothy.


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