Word 2000 Features Essay Research Paper Microcomputer

Word 2000 Features Essay, Research Paper

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September 27, 2000

Word 2000 Features

While you may think that you know all there is to know about using Microsoft

Word 2000 ?, you may be surprised to find out otherwise. Many people feel that

every word-processing program is the same. In both professional and academic

environments, you will be required to type reports, memos, etc. As a student and

a business professional, it helps to know shortcuts and various ways of

formatting and navigating through a word document. As shown in ?The Shelly

Cashman Series? for Microsoft Word 2000? Introduction? there are various

ways to format documents effectively.

The book gave illustrative instructions on various formatting functions such

as creating italicized words, using different fonts, paragraph formats, line

spacing, auto correct feature, and the insertion of symbols. With all of the

features discussed it would be impossible to describe all of them in one paper.

I personally found many of these features to be new shortcuts for myself as well

as a great learning experience.

For example, Word provides an AutoCorrect feature that automatically corrects

such errors as grammar, capitalization, and spelling. These errors are corrected

as we type them into a document . With this feature, even the worst English

students can write a decent paper. Many people often rely on the auto correct

feature, which sometimes can be misleading. I say this because the auto correct

feature is not foolproof meaning that it does not recognizes every mistake made

by the person typing the document.

Another feature in which I had learned from a previous computer class was the

procedure for inserting symbols into a document. I had gone through high school

and college not aware that Word was capable of inserting symbols into a

document. I had always received credit off of papers for failing to input the

copyright or trademark symbols when needed. With Word 200 you can insert many

symbols into a document such as a trademark symbol, copyright symbol, and even a

smiley face. These symbols can be created by typing various formulas of

characters and letters. Some symbols can even be inserted by clicking Insert on

the menu bar, clicking symbol, clicking special characters tab, clicking the

desired symbol, then clicking the insert button. Again, there is usually a few

different ways to format items in Word but it is what you prefer when it comes

down to the bottom line.

In conclusion, we can see that Word is a unique and complex application that

requires much training to completely understand. Improvements are continuously

being made and software is becoming outdated quicker than ever before. With the

basic knowledge of Word and understanding of a computer you can learn a lot. The

best way to learn is to explore your computer and explore the features that Word

has to offer. With the shortcuts that I have learned I can honestly say that I

can be a much more efficient and productive employee and student.


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