My Life Essay Research Paper I am

My Life Essay, Research Paper

I am Pat House, a twenty-four year old student of school and life. I was born in Laredo, Texas on November 1, 1956 to the most wonderful parents imaginable. Growing up, my younger brother and I were continuously nurtured with love and provided with most everything, which made for a happy childhood. During my teenage years, I recall vacations that my mother and father took us in where many close family moments were shared. Now at twenty-four, I am on my own and very thankful to them for all the love and support growing up which has made me into the type of person I am today. Recently, I have come to learn through my experiences with my current job, that I can no longer act like a child, and that as an adult; I must take responsibility for my actions. My experience in school and with my professors has also made me aware of my adult responsibilities. I can no longer make silly mistakes and brush them off or make excuses like when I was a child. Responsibility is a huge part of adulthood and has become a key instrument in conducting myself in school and work.

A piece of advice that I often received from my parents growing up is, as long as you do your best, you will have success . This refers to success in everything from school to careers. I believe that this is good advice because they trusted my judgment and respected my decisions, even if they were wrong ones. Today, this helps to take pressures off me when I am going to school because I don t have to live up to certain standards and try to accomplish goals that are unattainable. Instead, I can just worry about doing the best I can. It is possible that I may have a career that is not the highest paying or the most prestigious, but as long as I am happy, and I do the job to the best of my ability, I will feel like I have accomplished something.

A defining moment in my life occurred just over one year ago when I left my hometown and relocated to Austin, to finish my education at Southwest Texas State University. For the very first time, I left my parents, my friends, and my language in order to experience a different culture and broaden the scope of my education and view of life. My move to Austin has brought about an awareness of responsibility that I don t think ever would have appeared if I would have stayed in Laredo. It is truly exhilarating to find yourself changing in such a new environment. My education at Southwest has allowed me to find so many new aspects about myself. My time here has also allowed me to see how each of these aspects relates to each other. Because of the rewards I have already gained, I am truly optimistic about finishing my education here.

College is the greatest opportunity in the world. Where else would I be able to study what want to study, rather than what I am made to study? Nothing sounds better to me than going to school everyday and learning about subjects and issues than I am really interested in. I took many courses, which would enable me to do what I do today at my current work. I began college in the fall of 1995 at Laredo Community College. As a freshman in college my future was not decided. As most of my peers, I asked the question, what is it really I want out of my life. I did not know what I wanted to pursue as my future job. do Tmy college in Laredo


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