Influence Of Fantasy Literatur Essay Research Paper

Influence Of Fantasy Literatur Essay, Research Paper

Fantasy literature is the product of the author s imagination. They used their creativity to create the story. Fantasy literature is mostly about adventures and quests. Fantasy literature is aimed at children and teenagers. They don t understand the meaning of life. Fantasy literature could help them to create their own imaginative world, to overcome fear and difficult challenges and in the novel, Golden Trillium, Kadiya survives all the difficulties she passes through.

Each literature writer wanted the reader to imagine the picture as they read. The reader could easily understand the novel. In fantasy literature, the setting will always be in the palace, forest, or other different planet. Reader could have a good sense of the setting in mind. Some readers might also imagine themselves as a character in the story. Fantasy literature helps them to create their own imaginative world. Everyone has their own imaginative world, but everyone is different. Fantasy literature is a step for readers to build their own imaginative world more attractive. Children s mind is so simple and clear, but no children think the same. Fantasy literature can help to express their idea more creatively. Children should be more creative them adult because children are the future. They should create more technology in order for the world to change, or else the world will look like the same or even worst then bow. Things around people should be improving each day.

Fantasy literature can help readers to overcome fear and difficult challenges. Most fantasy literature is about quests or adventures , fear and challenges are not something unusual. Some people learn some lessons from fantasy literature. Characters in fantasy literature have confidence to overcome fear. People in today s world have lots of difficulties and problems. Not many times they know how to solve, so they choose to escape. Fantasy literature can teach them to have courage to face every problem they are struggling. Without faith and confidence, no hero can complete their quests. Fantasy literature will not be form. Every author has experience lots of life experiences, in order to write a fantasy literature that teach reader life lesson. Many parents will use example from novel to teach their next generation to become a brave person. Fantasy literature teach children to have confidence in themselves, don t let others to make them collapses . Children should make a good habit to face more and more difficulties as they grow up. Also they should read some experiences of others, that way children will know how to handle bigger problem when they come to the society.

Golden Trillium, a book about three princesses that are going to save their world. Fantasy literature always has a stereotype on the main characters. Some people believe cats have nine lives. Author who wrote fantasy literature always makes the main character s life similar to cat s live. They will survive no matter how hard and difficult the quest is. Kadiya and her two sisters go to the Vanished One (Yatlan) to destroy a dream catcher, Hassitti, to save the land. Kadiya and her two sisters fight against every difficulty. They pass through easy and hard enemies, but they still can stand on their feet and continue their journey. Most author uses same style to form a quest. It gives the reader, specially for children have confidence and faith to perform every task. No matter if the task is difficult or hard, people should have confidence and faith to do everything. This is the only way to success. Children should have a habit of having confidence in do anything when they are small. People should not afraid of problem, there are no difficulties that cannot be solve. It s just the matter of fact confidence.

Fantasy literature used author s creativity to create the story. It has expressed lots of author s ideas and point of view of life. Some readers might get the message the author wants to express. Some of these messages may be useful in daily bases. Fantasy literature has an influence on people in a positive way. It helps people to create their own imaginative world, help them to overcome fear and difficulties and it s teach people to have confidence to perform every task. Fantasy literature is suitable for every person. People should live in a creative world instead of a boring lonely earth. Therefore everyone should have a creative mind, because no one in the world think exactly like others. Each one has their idea of things. The world will become more colorful in the next generation.


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