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Business Plan Essay, Research Paper

Exotic food & beverage services

200 office park road

Beverly Hills, ca 90210


513-651-4301 (fax)

October 12, 1999

Mr. Matthew Calloway

Eldorado Inn

Ciudad Bolivia, Venezuela


Dear Mr. Calloway:

I enjoyed talking with you several days ago, about your future business retreat in the beautiful rainforest of Ciudad Bolivia. The employees of Exotic Foods believe your plan for a retreat in the heart of the rainforest is a wonderful idea, for those who love the outdoors as much as our company does. Exotic Food & Beverage Services is pleased to submit the following proposal outlining our plan to implement a gourmet, exotic experience for your clientele.

Background & Purpose

We understand that your Inn will be primarily used as a business retreat. We also understand the activities that will be included are: extreme sports, ecological tours, and wilderness trails. With all of these activities in mind, Exotic Foods would like to provide your Inn with a dining experience that ties in the rainforest and “outdoorsy” theme. Our company can provide your Inn with an exotic dining experience with delicious foods, tropical drinks, friendly service, and an atmosphere that will make your clientele think they never left the rainforest from their previous daytime activities. It is very important to our company that we provide only the best service and freshest products, and that is our promise to you today and for the entirety that our services are needed at the Inn.

Proposed Plan

On the basis of our experience in providing unique dining experiences to many local and national Inn’s, Exotic Food & Beverage Services proposes the following plan and sample menus to you.

Plan. We will develop a dining area within the Inn that will be suitable for an exotic atmosphere. The dining room will be bright and airy with a rainforest theme. Lighting will be bright colors including blue, red, yellow, and primarily green lights with plants and exotic flowers throughout the dining room. If possible we would like to have live birds (in cages) throughout the dining room as well. We will prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner, different continental themes each day while still applying the rainforest, tropical theme. We will also have appetizers and snacks available throughout the day, located in the lobby of the Inn.

Menus. This is just a sample “American Cuisine” menu, but keep in mind we will provide a menu with a variety of meals customers can chose from.


Buttermilk, wheat pancakes topped with warm, sweet mango syrup. Served with a side of mixed tropical fruit including: kiwi, pineapple, guava, and mango.


Crab Calloway: snow crabs saut?ed to a golden brown, garnished with roasted corn salsa and served on a pineapple beurre blanc.


Montego Bay Ceviche: shrimp, scallops and calamari marinated in lemon, key lime, olive oil, fresh basil and cilantro. Served in a cornucopia shaped tomato tortilla, garnished with mussels and crawfish on a bed of mixed greens tossed in a citrus vinaigrette. For dessert, a decadent flourless layered Zebra Cake. A special dessert of rich chocolate, butter cream, and white chocolate filled with chocolate pudding.

Featured Mixed Drinks (alcoholic)

Mango Tango

Bailey-Banana Colada


Martini: Blue Lagoon

Singing Birds of Paradise


With your approval, the following schedule has been arranged for your Exotic dining area:

Decorating & arranging dining room: October 20-31

Hiring staff: October 20-November 10

Buying necessary supplies: November 3-8

Organizing kitchen: November 10-19

Training: November 10-24

Preparing menus: November 20-22

Necessary food prep: November 21-23

Ready to serve: November 25


I have assigned Steve DeVries to kitchen manager, who will be in charge of ordering all of the food and necessary supplies. He will also oversee all the activities in the kitchen. Steve and I will work closely together, designing different menus, creating new recipes, and creating the exotic ambiance. Steve received his culinary degree from Johnston & Wales and has been my assistant for four years. I have also assigned Kim Jules to dining room manager, who will be in charge of customer service, managing all servers and bartenders. Kim received her bachelor’s degree in business management at The University of Virginia. Kim and I will work closely in the hiring process of servers and bartenders. All applicants will go through a (3) person interview process with Steve, Kim, and myself; they must also have at least one-year food service experience. After applicants are hired they will go through an extensive two-week training period where they will learn procedures and policies of the restaurant.


We ask that a room be designated to a dining room equipped with tables, booths and chairs. We also ask that a fully (equipment) stocked kitchen be provided. We will order all necessary objects and decorations necessary to convert the dining area into an exotic paradise.

Decorations: $25,000


Angela Anderson, president $100,000/yr

Steve Devries, kitchen manager $40,000/yr

Kim Jules, dining room manager $40,000/yr

Servers $5.75/hr +tips

Bartenders $6.00/hr+tips

Cooks $10.00/hr

Dishwashers $8.00/hr

Food (per month): $10,000

Alcohol (per month): $5,000


We are convinced, Mr. Calloway, that our professionally designed food and beverage service will enhance your efforts to implement an exotic theme to your business retreat Inn. Exotic Food & Beverage Services can immediately start creating an exotic dining experience your clientele will never forget, by October 20. Please sign and return the enclosed duplicate copy of this letter and return it to us with a retainer of $20,000. We look forward to working with you and your future Eldorado Inn.


Angela Anderson, president

Exotic Food & Beverage Services



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