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Pro Death Penalty Essay, Research Paper


In 1976 the death penalty was reinstated into the American government, and

rightfully so. I believe in the motto: an eye for an eye , which means if someone kills

another person, they themselves should be killed. I also beleive that the American

government has been too leinient on criminals. A murderer should never be released or

put on parole so they have the chance of comitting these heinous acts again. However, I

am not (the one to say) saying that all murderers should be executed, but they should not

be able to leave the walls of the prisons they are confined to.

People who do commit the horrible crime of homocide should always face the

fact of being executed themselves for our own good. H.L Mencken states

that, tabolishinists fundamental error is thats they assume the whole aim of punishing

criminals is to deter other (potential) criminals- that we hang or electrocute(Mencken

151). Although Mencken doesnt beleive this I do. It is one of the most convincing

issues for the death penalty. Knowing you can be sent to death row and executed for the

crime of murder should make people stop and think before commiting the crime,

therefore lowering our crime rate and making the streets a safer place. Not all believe this

statement, but it is hard to calculate statistics not every state has the death penalty.

Meaning that if every state had the death penalty we could see the results, but since

every state doesn t there is no fact that can back this statement.

Some have come to the belief that the death penalty is wrong and should be

abolished. In my mind, people who think that are (excuse the pun) dead wrong. You

have to take the situation in hand, think what if your son/daughter were murdered.

Would you be sympathetic for the killer, hell no! You would want him dead the next day

and if you could kill him yourself you would. All that I am trying to say is that after

taking everything into perspective, the death penalty is the only way to go. The talk of

rehabilitation and trying to see what is wrong with these people is wasteful. You may

think you can cure these people but in most cases, you cannot. How can we be sure that

rehibilatation does work?…. and do we want to take the risk of the counsler being wrong

and releasing someone that will commit another crime? I think we shouldn t waste our

time and money with these monstrous killers, we should take their lives away from them

as quick as they took the life or lives away from their victims.

Many people say that the death penalty is expensive however, rehibilattaion and

keeping these criminals in jail for 50-80 years is preposterous. This is costing millions

and even billions of dollars. Jails are getting over-crowded and new ones have to be built

which is not cheap. Caring and feeding these men/women is costly too. I believe that it

is a waste of money to let these people live and spend, we the taxpayers money. A way

we can also decrease the expensive costs of the death penalty is to lower the amount of

appeals given to criminals. The big costs from the death penalty is through the courts and

if we limit these criminals to two or three appeals max we can lower costs. There is no

need to keep dragging these cases on if they are guilty without a doubt. Also it is not fair

to the families that have to live with the fact that justice was not served, and this person

can live, why their loved one was taken away mercilessly. All in all, you can say that the

death penalty is expensive but when you weigh out the other options, capital punishment

is not as costly as you think.

In conclusion, the death penalty in my mind is justifiable to those who commit the

crime of murder and should be administered rightfully. You can say that it is wrong, but

as I said before, it is different once it happens to you or someone you love. Then, and

only then you can comprehend the true cruelty of murder and see the perspective in

which death penalty is the best way of dealing with these murderers.


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