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Change Essay, Research Paper


What is change? Could anyone change? Did something happen to your life change you? Change means to become different, or to make someone or something become different. It means that anyone could change as looking, perspective, or personality. I believe everyone has changed. A person who was a child is now not the same as before. Sometimes, the changes occurred to our life make us a different person. I have had a situation when I was seventeen years old that has totally changed my life.

Before it all happened, I was a high school student in Turkey. I was living with my parents. We had a huge house. I had my own big room at the end of the hallway. We were three brothers. I was the one that don t care about anything, maybe because I was the middle son of my family. Specially, the big brothers are the one has more responsible then any other brothers. The parents eyes are on them. That is why my big brother had more pressure then I did. The last brothers are the one that the parents show more care for. They need more attention than any other brothers. For these reasons, I didn t have too much things to worry for. Weekdays I was going to school in morning times. After the school times, I was chilling out with my buddies in high school. We were playing soccer, going to theaters and places that we didn t go. I lived with my life without any concern about anything. I didn t work or find to get any money from somewhere. I didn t help my mother in house works. I was an indolent boy.

In 1993, I became a senior in high school. This is the year that you decide what to do afterwards. All my friends have started to work harder to enroll a university. I was still thinking what to do. I haven t decided anything yet. I have talked with my friends to find out what they were thinking. I tried to discover what I want to do. While I was doing all of these, I have started to study in case of anything. At that time, my math teacher was trying to encourage me to go to university. I was good in math. That was the only class that I liked. My math teacher was a tall guy. He always wears glasses. Not many students liked him. He was wearing different then other teachers. He always tries to make jokes while his teaching, but he couldn t success. But it was okay with me, maybe because I liked math. I don t know. After that I have found out that my father decided my older brother to send to United States of America. When I heard that, I told my father to send me there with my brother. Then he told me that I could go after I finished the high school. That was a surprise to me. I was excited to go to United States of America. I told my friends everything. Everyone congratulated me. This was the biggest step of my life. I started to wait my graduation day with enthusiasm. Finally, the day came out; I graduated from high school. My father bought us our airplane tickets. I was excited and nervous because I was going to place that I don t know. My family and friends were not going to be with me.

I was starting a life of new experience. I had known that nothing is going to be the same again. First, my brother and I found an apartment to live. Then, we registered a university to learn English. Years went by. Nowadays, I became more responsible then before. I had to take care the rent with my brother. We didn t have our mother to cook for us. I learned how to cook and clean. Life was not important for me before. I wasn t care about anything. When I came here, it opened my eyes. I realized that my eyes were shut. I was leaving the world that I have no idea. Everything became important to me. I didn t waste money anymore. I learned that this money came from hard work. If you don t work you can t leave. I found out that work is the key for life. I got more mature. I started to think like a man. I took care of my self. I learned to make my own decisions in right places.

In conclusion, people could change with something occurred to their life. It could be something they saw to make them to realize who they are. That is what happened to me that changed my life totally. It made me to see the real world. Of course, while you were changing, you will face the toughness of life. This makes the life mysterious.


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