Studying For Examination Essay Research Paper Studying

Studying For Examination Essay, Research Paper

Studying for an Examination

Many students think reading and studying for an

examination are the same thing; and because of this misunderstanding,

students do not know how to study for an examination. Reading is the act of

rendering texts aloud or a public or private recitation of a written

material. Whereas studying is actually concentrating, understanding, and

reviewing what has been read.

First of all, where to study for an examination is just as

important as studying for an exam. If you find yourself repeatedly being

interrupted by outside distractions such as friends and phone calls, you can

find a way to block these distractions completely by switching off your

phone for the period of time you want to study and also going to a place

where you know no one would disturb you like the library. Another way to

know where to study is noting the length of time spent on each distraction

at each place you study for a week. Each time you study, you should jot down

how long you studied, how much work you actually covered, and how many and

what kind of distraction you had. Once you have this information, you can

now analyze your study habits. For example, you were able to cover a certain

type of subject at a particular place and time. Then you can decide to study

at the place with the least distraction. I stopped studying in the library

because it was too distracting. Now I study at home where I get little or no


Second, one frequent complaint students have is that they

cannot concentrate while studying for my exam. There are many ways for

improving your concentration span, but you have to choose the one that suits

you best. Minimizing visual distraction by studying away from the windows is

a good way of concentrating because that way you do not get distracted by

passers- by. Use appropriate lighting that does not strain your eyes because

instead on concentrating on what you are studying, you disturb yourself by

straining your eyes. Take regular study breaks, and when you do, do

something different from what you have been doing. By doing something

different, your brain is relaxed and what you have studied stays fresh in

your mind. For example if you were studying for your biology exam, during

your break, do not read anything. Instead go for a walk or take a nap.

Third, understanding plays an important role in studying for

an exam. When studying for an exam, you should interpret what you are

studying. That is trying to understand what the text is about. Interpreting

a text in your own words, also helps you to have a greater understanding of

what the text is about. when studying for an exam, go over previous lecture

notes, and have outward interest during lectures. Self motivation, internal

interest and practicing what you have learned helps in retaining and

understanding what you are reading.

These basic steps are the things I have done to come out in

flying colors. Through proper concentration, understanding, practice and

reviewing what I read has helped me very much. Anyone who uses these steps

would appreciate and enjoy the happiness of having good grade as I am having


English Department Grading Standards in Freshman Composition


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