A Narrative Story About Culture Essay Research

A Narrative Story About Culture Essay, Research Paper

In our society, there are always conflicts in different situations between cultures. In China, people like to eat wild animals during Chinese New Year and the winter. It is a traditional behaviour in China. However, it seems unusual in the United States. Americans do not really like it, especially eating their pets.

When I was a teenager, my family liked to invite friends to our home for dinner. Some of my father’s friends were American. They came to my apartment, and they wanted to try some Chinese foods. Therefore, my mother made a dinner for them. There were rabbit’s feet, fried monkey’ brain, and cat meats. Those are delicious foods to me.

Those foods seemed unusual to them. They sat around the table. One looked at the rabbit foot, and she asked, “is it a turkey? It doesn’t look like a turkey. My mother answered “you try some of it first.” At that time, the young lady just finished swallowing the cat meat, and she said, “the beef tastes really good. Can anyone teach me how to make it.” My mother then explained, “The turkey you ate was a rabbit’s foot, lady. I didn’t cook beef. That was cat meat. Do you all like it?”

Everyone looked at each other and the foods at that moment. They were quiet. Suddenly, they screamed together, “Oh my god! Oh my god! You just murdered our pet, our friend.” My father was intelligent, and he noticed that something went wrong. He then shouted, “My wife was joking, everyone. Just calm down! “. They then became comfortable, and they acted normal again after the announcement, but they were still confused.

We might make some mistake at that time. However, we notice that you do not really have to explain when the exotic food is delicious and healthy. Now, we still continue inviting our friends. My family learned an important lesson after the event. They realize it is very important to enjoy the food. Therefore, we also know that sometimes a lying might be necessary.


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