Invisible Man Essay Research Paper 1

Invisible Man Essay, Research Paper

1. In the Emerson’s paint factory, the narrator first gets a job adding dope to bad paint and then is sent to

work down in the basement of a building, where the oils for the paint are produced. The then gets into a

fight with his foreman, and neglects his job of watching pressure gauges. His neglecting causes an

explosion at Emerson’s Paint factory and he is injured in the blast, and has to be taken to the hospital.

2. Brother Jack was the leader of the Brother hood. He was the one who sought out the narrator to become

part of the Brotherhood. Tod Clifton was the youth leader of the Brotherhood. Tod was black and a

handsum man, who lead the youth section of the Brotherhood, but in the end he betrayed the Brotherhood.

Ras the Exhorter was a man against the Brotherhood. He wanted black versus white hate and was opposed

to all the Brotherhood was up to. Sybil was a women in the Brotherhood, who was married. The narrator

wanted to suduce her to find out what she knew, but she turned out to know nothing at all.

3. The symbolic significance of Mary’s cast-iron coin bank is of what black people stand for to white

people. The coin bank made the narrator angry, because it was symbolic of blacks, being slaves to white

people, and how some white people though of black people as entertainment, and were not actually people

but where just animals.

4. I believe that the narrator was unnamed for two reasons. One being that most of the novel was a flash

back to things that had happened and he was explaining about himself, and we didn’t need to know his

name since we knew so much about him. Secondly because of the title of the book Invisible being

mysterious, and to follow that the author decided not to tell the readers the narrators name to follow the

mystery of the title.

5. The Brotherhood was an organization of people who believed in total unity of all of the races. Their

purpose was to organize together as brothers and make every one of all nationalities and colors be in peace

with each other, to respect every race as friends, as brothers.


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