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Sony Corp. Essay, Research Paper

Corporate History

Sony Corporation was founded in 1946 under the name Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo or the Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company. Because of the belief that a company s brand is its livelihood, the company changed its name to Sony in 1958. The name “Sony” comes from the combination of two words. The word sonus which in Latin is the root of the word sound or sonic and the word sonny which means little son . When put together to form Sony you have a small group of young people who have the passion and energy to works towards unlimited creation. With this new name, in 1961 Sony became among the first Japanese companies to issue the American Depository Receipts and in 1970, Sony opened up its stock on the New York Stock Exchange where is has been ever since. Today, Sony has stores worldwide and has employees numbering over 19,000.

Current Businesses

Sony Corporation is composed of a number of businesses. The main business is the electronic business. This consists of audio, video, televisions, information and communications, and electronic components. This is Sony s most well known business. Sony is also in the business of game consoles and software. This part of the business is run mainly through Sony Computer Entertainment. Sony is also in the music business that is run through Sony Music Entertainment. Sony Music Entertainment such groups as Columbia Records Group, Epic Records Groups, Sony Music Studios and many others. The next business Sony is involved in is motion picture and television. This is the area of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Some of the groups Sony Pictures Entertainment includes are Columbia TriStar Motion Pictures Group, Columbia TriStar Home Video, and Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment. Sony is also in the Insurance business that is conduced though Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. and Sony Assurance Inc. Some other businesses Sony is involved includes leasing and crediting businesses, satellite distribution-related business in Japan, development and operation of location-based entertainment complexes and other businesses.

Mission Statement

Derived from Sony s Annual Report, Sony s fundamental policy is “supplying products that are fun to use”. The report goes on to explain, “users value hardware in the term of electronic production as well as content and service. Sony is adept at conceiving tasteful designs, easy to use functions and product concepts that are new and exciting. By making use of this aptitude for technology and know-how, we expect to continue creating appealing products for all our customers”. The report also adds, “By linking people to appealing content and services, Sony s connects people to a new world of enjoyment”.


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