Marriage And Divorce Essay Research Paper IntroductionMarriage

Marriage And Divorce Essay, Research Paper


Marriage is a bond of love between a man and a woman. Traditional marriage today is not the same as 100 years ago due to the fact that life spans have changed and women are not economically dependent on their husbands. However, traditional marriage in today’s society is incapable of binding a couple in a lifetime of love and equality. This will be proved by the change in the economic value, divorce, and love.


The economic value between men and women has changed drastically. Over the years females are proving they are smarter and more capable than males of doing anything they want and better. “50 years ago the majority of women were dependent on their husbands to work and support them.” Women were not considered to be part of the human race. They were basically only used to reproduce babies, do the housekeeping and take care of their husbands. Male-dominance was the main issue. When a man and a woman are joined together in matrimony the male tends to take over the females life because he is the man of the house. “It’s a social lag, so many women are realizing, hey who needs this guy? I am doing everything by myself, earning a living and then coming home to clean the house.” Women have learned that having a man around the house is pointless because, a lot of wives support their families by going to work while their husbands are jobless sitting at home. They realize that life would not be much different because they are doing everything anyway. All-in-All a male’s presence in a marriage serves no purpose because the female does everything herself.

Divorce happens during marriage because emotions, finances and property become intertwined. Divorce is the process of untangling what is intertwined. “Baker say’s increased mobility and the growth of a “national cult of individuality” have left most marriages isolated from the cultural and societal pressures that have historically enforced the standards expressed in a traditional marriage.” In this world if you want something you do it yourself or forget about it. People are to busy worrying about their own lives to have time for other’s. Marriage takes teamwork, in this society time is scarce and the hours just fly by, before you know it a day then a month and a year passes by. People rarely get time for themselves and being married adds more stress along with coping with society. “Society can no longer support what we think of as marriage.” Nothing really stay’s the same. In today’s society it is not enough for just a man to work to earn a living, both have to work because there is so much to pay for. Having children is a huge expense on it’s own. Women and Men’s needs have changed from back then when men wanted to marry, have sons, and have a farm, while women just wanted to marry. People want success and it requires hard work and money which leaves little or no place for marriage. Therefore marriage is an obstacle in the way of people live in this century

Love is invisible in today’s society. “The concept of romantic love as the basis for marriage was virtually un known to most working people before the 18th century.” Years ago Marriage was arranged between parents it was simple. That is one of the reason’s why divorce was not common. There were no emotions to get in the way, therefore less problems. “It’s unrealistic to expect couples to balance contemporary work demands and heightened desires for personal happiness” The main point is there is no time for love in a marriage in today’s society. There is to much stress for people worrying about paying the bills, the children, job pressure etc. Therefore love is impossible in for working people in today’s world.

Traditional marriage has outgrown it’s value in today’s society because of the changes in the economic value, divorce and love.


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