Mozart Essay Research Paper I

Mozart Essay, Research Paper

I’m writing my paper on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I will be talking about his

life and his music. I will tell you a little bit about his father, wife, and

son. Mozart was the leading composer of the Classical Age. He wrote many

different types of music. He was the best composer of his time. Mozart was born

in Salzburg, Austria on January 27, 1756. He was around music his entire life.

By the age of three, he had begun to show a love of music. He would listen to

his sister play the piano for hours at a time. Then he would get up on the bench

and try it himself. He loved to watch and learn from his sister. When Mozart was

five, he was already doing plays. He took part in a comedy called Sigismundus

Hungariae Rex. Just after this he began to travel around Europe to play pieces

of his music for kings. By this time in his life, he was already composing

operas for the theartre. Mozart composed over six-hundred pieces, some of which

he composed by the age of fourteen. He appreciated music because his father also

loved and appreciated music. His father’s name was Leopold. Leopold was a great

composer as well as a leader of a social party. Mozart and his father traveled

together to play music. His sister Nannerl, whom Mozart had listened to in his

child years, usually came along to support and cheer for her little brother.

Leopold and Mozart had different styles of music. Leopold only composed

religious music. Mozart wrote operas, symphonys, church music, concertos, and

also serenades. He excelled in all types of music. Mozart never rewrote any of

his work. It was always perfect the first time. He never recopied his work

either. There was only one original copy of each of his works. Now of course

they have been recopied and sold in stores for other musicians today. People

loved to be around Mozart. He had a wonderful sense of humor. He loved to make

people laugh, or at least try to. On the other hand, Mozart was sometimes

depressed and mad. He would sit in his room and just write music all day.

Mozart’s music was mostly cheerful. He also composed deeply serious music. He

was able to write anything he wanted to. He would just set his mind to it and

compose away. He loved music. At this time, the piano was very new. It was

played widely by amateur composers. Mozart greatly contributed to making the

piano forte a very popular instrument. By the time he was in his late twenties,

Mozart was traveling a lot. He would play for royalty, the rich, and also the

public. He would travel so often that it eventually affected his health. He

would become very sick at times. Mozart had a wife and son. His wife was

Constanze Mozart. Her maiden name was Weber. She was born in Zell, Austria. She

died an old woman in Salzburg in the year 1842. Mozart’s son was named Franz

Xaver Wolfgang Mozart. He was later known as Wolfgang Amadeus, after his father.

He was born the year his father died in Vienna in 1791. He died at the age of

fifty-three in Carlsbad in 1844. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died in Vienna in 1791.

He died in his bed from pnemonia. His wife and family could not afford a proper

burial so they threw him in a large hole with ten other people. He was wrapped

in cloth so he wouldn’t rot and smell bad. He was buried in an unmarked grave.

Even today nobody knows where he rests in peace. We will probably never know. I

think that Mozart was an interesting man. I enjoy listening to his symphonys and

operas when I get the chance to. I would definetly recommend doing a report on

Mozart to a frien. He was a pretty neat person.

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