Soil Analysis Report Essay Research Paper Soil

Soil Analysis Report Essay, Research Paper

Soil Analysis

Within the next few paragraphs, I will tell you all about the soil sample I collected and did tests on. I got some soil from out of one of my mom’s gardens. This one had a lot of flowers from Florida. This is a summary of what all I did to work on finding everything about my soil.

Day 1: The first day I had forgotten my soil sample. Therefore I could not let it dry out like the rest of the classes did.

Day 2: I brought my soil sample in and let it dry. I had time to catch up on some work while waiting for it as well.

Day 3: I was on a vacation in Florida.

Day 4: I was still on vacation but picked up a sample of Quicksand in my back yard at my house in Florida.

Day 5: I return to school to find some of my soil missing. I then took the remaining soil and followed through with the rest of my tests.

Day 6: I have completed all of my tests after school. I will have finished a lot from this.

Now that I have shown you the itinerary that seemed to present itself, here is what one of the processes I did looked like?

1. I started out picking up a piece of my soil and putting it into one of my hands. Next, I took a few drops of water and put it in the soil. After that, I took my other hand and swirled it around the hand that it was in. It felt very gritty and rough. That led me to believe that my soil was more sand than it was clay. I further confirmed this by asking the teacher.

Some of my lab results were?

1. The P.H. of my soil was at 6.0

2. The phosphorus content was 18

3. There was a trace of high sodium content in my soil. I found that 3% of my soil was? salty. That would explain where I got it.

4. There was also an enormous amount of sand in it. Somewhere around 65% was sand.

Some conclusions from this was that, this soil would be good for growing tropical flowers and plants such as Elephant Ears (the plant my mom was growing). I would recommend this soil to someone looking to get some tropical flowers for inside of their house. As for the quicksand, I did not perform any tests on it.


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