Spanking Essay Research Paper In western society

Spanking Essay, Research Paper

In western society, spanking is often not seen as a suitable way to discipline youth. In fact,

spanking is a good way to discipline by helping to build self-awareness and morality, it is beneficial to

maintain order in society.

Spanking is a reasonable punishment which leads youths to distinguish between good and bad.

Children are innocent and often do not know the difference between good and bad. They often do things

as they desire leading to mistakes. Parents can try to talk to their children to stop their mistakes.

However, children do not recognize it is wrong and it will give them a signal that they are allowed to

continue their action without punishment. Suitable spanking for repeated misbehavior is reasonable. In

most cases, children will not repeat the action again as they know they will be punished for their

misbehavior. Spanking helps children to build a positive attitude in distinguishing between good and

evil. In general, disciplining as an earlier age is beneficial to the society and the individual as they grow


Morality and discipline that has already been established at a young age keeps society in order

and well-organized. As children develop the ability to distinguish between good and evil, they will

avoid their misbehavior as they grow up. As well, it helps to build self-awareness which is very important

for society. As the children grow to an adulthood, they will know what is good or bad behavior and

what they are allowed to do under the statement of the law. Besides this, children will be more self-

controlled in their behavior to do under the law. The self-awareness forces people to control themselves.

Self-awareness also inspires youth to recognize one?s fault, and understand oneself. They will have a

chance to improve themselves which will lead the society to advancement. Discipline also maintains the

order of society. Everyone works for his or her position in the society.

In conclusion, spanking is a good way to discipline youth by helping youth to build morality and

self-awareness which then leads society to be well-organized and ordered.


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