My High School Adventure Essay Research Paper

My High School Adventure Essay, Research Paper

My High School AdventureI remember walking through those doors as if it was yesterday. I knew about two people in my new high school, and I was more nervous at that moment than ever before or since. I walked into the gymnasium/auditorium, where the other 250 new freshman sat. It seemed like everyone knew each other, and I knew no one. The room was sectioned off by what would become our homerooms. I, being the first name in the new class had to sit in the first seat in the front. I always hated that, I felt it made me a nerd-or something along those lines. I looked around, hoping to catch a glimpse of a familiar face, with no success. At that time I made my way to my seat, and sat for what felt like years. After a while, everyone was sitting in their seats, and the orientation began.As the day went on, I started to see some familiar faces, plus I made a few new friends. A friend from middle school was in my science class, and she introduced my to Rachael. Shortly thereafter, I was invited to a party at Rachael’s, which was takingplace on Friday night. I was so excited, and the scare of not making any friends soon dissolved. The party was in Rachael’s furnished garage or, “the shack”, as it came to be known. Walking in I saw everyone sitting on the four couches the room held. Some people were playing games others were just chatting, but all of them were drinking, beer that is. I became excited and scared at the same time, the only thing bothering was those D.A.R.E. classes we had in sixth grade. The words “peer-pressure, peer- pressure” kept running through the back of my mind, but I just laughed it off, those classed were annoying anyway. Rachael greeted me and offered me a beer, which I graciously accepted. We then sat on the side of the room where people were playing drinking games and joined the fun. I could not believe it. It seemed as if my whole life was changing before my eyes. I was right, it was. This party became the first of a series just like them for about two years. My grades did not suffer, my life style became different though, but all in all I was having a blast.

Several of us became really close from these parties. Inseparable, we had-and still do to this day-an unbreakable bond of friendship. It is not a perfect friendship, but we somehow always managed to get through those imperfections. We had fun together, you could say we really knew how to party at a young age. There would be breaks in our friendship once in a while, yet we would always end up together again. Teenage years are strange, hard, funny, and most of all a learning experience. Thesepeople showed me what friendships and fun are all about, and most importantly, how they work together. There are always those days I wish I could go back for just one more of those carefree, partying nights. I know it is not possible, but I also know I will never forget a single moment.


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