Maturity Essay Research Paper Are You MatureThere

Maturity Essay, Research Paper

Are You Mature?

There are many ways a person becomes mature throughout his lifetime. There are also many different levels of maturity people go through. Mature people know how to make correct and careful decisions and judgments. They also act correctly in special situations. Another way a person may become mature is in human growth or puberty. As a person gets older his body matures and develops. The word maturity can also be used when talking about a period of time that something takes to become fully developed.

A person s actions define his maturity. People that are very mature usually don t get mad at stupid situations. They look at the situation and find a way to overcome it. Doing this proves to other people that it is possible to be mature. Many people believe that it is important to show themselves as a master of the race or as the perfect being . When they do this others look at them and snuff them off. Why is he so good and I m not? It is very important to have a high self esteem; it proves that you like yourself. Mature people like themselves even if they have a deadly disease. But when under these conditions it is easier to break down then to say, I am going to beat this . Mature people take this situation and find a way to overcome its emotional scars. Teenagers face maturity issues everyday at high school. There are constantly fights and disagreements at a high school. In my high school none of the A students got into fights. I believe that this proves that smart people have the maturity not to get into a fighting situation. There are many ways a person can be defined as mature or immature through his actions.

Secondly maturity comes with human development. Women mature faster then men do physically. When women mature physically their body processes change and growth begins in several areas. The also have a voice change but it is not as apparent as in men. When men develop physically they also have chemical changes in their body that trigger growth in the reproductive system. Both men and women grow taller when they mature. Muscle mass is also affected by maturity. Depending if you exercise a lot your muscle could have increased greatly with all of the hormones released from your body. Another way of maturing is the growth of hair. This hair grows on the pubic areas of both men and women, the armpit, and all over the body. Everybody goes through the human process of becoming mature.

Maturity can also be used as a period of time in which it took an agreement to be outdated. These agreements range from CD s in the banking world to a normal agreement with a neighbor. There are many different things at the bank that have maturity dates. These include but are not limited to CD s, loans, housing payments, and even savings bonds. This kind of maturity is a good thing. When a CD or a savings bond matures you can cash it in for almost twice as much as it was originally worth. As for when loans and financing mature you don t owe the bank anymore.

Another way maturity can be used as a period of time is when dealing with gardening. When the fruits are fully developed or mature, they can be picked and eaten. It is also the time that roses and other flowers take to be into full bloom.

Maturity is a very good thing from any standpoint. It makes the spring beautiful, the fall full of fruits, puts money in our pockets, and most importantly makes us whom

we really are. Without maturity this world would be a very boring and uninteresting place.


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