Pride Of Hagar And Hester Essay Research

Pride Of Hagar And Hester Essay, Research Paper

Pride of Hagar and Hester

Hagar and Hester both express the characteristics of pride. The expression of pride does differ and are similar in many ways. Such as how they show pride by and who are they proud of. Hagar shows pride by abandoning Bram, living individually and how she behaves around John, Marvin, and Doris. Hester also shows pride in many ways through either Pearl or how she walks around Boston showing everyone the scarlet letter. For Hagar it is a flaw because throughout her life it makes her increasingly independent, which causes her not accept help from anyone. For Hester it is not much of an impact because Pearl is the only thing she can be proud and can enjoy. Hester is also proud of Scarlet letter but the town does not recognize it because it symbolizes sin. Hagar and Hester both show pride in different and similar ways, which has different impact on their lives.

Hester and Hagar are proud of their children. Hester is proud of Pearl (93) because she dresses Pearl in a crimson velvet tunic, abundantly embroidered by gold thread and many colors. Another incident is shown (104) when Hester says that Pearl is her happiness, torture and she is the only thing that keeps her there. This shows that Hester is proud of Pearl otherwise she would not be saying that Pearl is her happiness and dress her that well. Hagar is proud of John (123), where she compares John with her father. Hagar says that John is boy after Mr. Currie s heart and he has Mr. Currie s get up and go. By this, she is implying that John is just like her dad and she is proud that John has his quickness. When Marvin leaves for war (129), Hagar says that she wanted to hold him and not let go, which clearly shows that Hagar loved him but was also proud that her son was going to war, which was the right thing to do in those days. The difference between Hagar s pride and Hester s pride in this situation is that Hagar is proud her sons because they perform some kind of deed or show characteristics that are admirable, but Hester is proud of Pearl no matter what she does or looks. The similarity is that Hagar and Hester are both proud of their children.

Hagar and Hester both exhibit characteristics of pride, when they talk to the people that are around them. Throughout the story, Hagar is shown very proud and even overconfident on some occasions. Hagar always is thinking that she is better than Doris, which can be implied that she is bears pride in her skill. An example of that would be (29) when Hagar talks about how Doris always criticizes her when she buys silk but then she says Doris is wrong. In addition, when John looses the fight at dance and Arlene brought him back Hagar said that now she would never be able to lift her head in this town again. By which implying that her pride is lost and meaning that she was proud of herself. Hester shows pride by walking around the town with the Scarlet letter embroidered upon her chest (206), when she is out in the open with scarlet letter on her chest. Difference between Hagar and Hester is that Hagar is overconfident and thinks that everything she does is right, but Hester is just out there believing and doing what she thinks is right and proud of it. The similarity is that they both have self-confidence. However, they differ in some of their characteristics, but pride is what gives them strength to remain independent.

Pride has different impact on Hester and Hagar s lives. For Hagar her pride is what gives her strength to be independent but also makes her vulnerable. Pride has given Hagar the strength to leave Bram (140), where John suggests sneaking and Hagar replies no, and that they are going to tell him and leave. This pride overtime builds up and at the end she is so proud that she does not accept help form Doris (306), and dies. For Hester her pride is what keeps her up and forces her to go on even when people mock her for her sin (102), where the governor wants to take away Pearl because it is a sin. Hagar s pride does have an enormous effect on her life but for Hester it is not that effective. They both suffer because of their pride. For Hagar pride is a flaw in her character because it leads to her downfall but for Hester it is a spectator characteristic.

One of the common characteristics that Hagar and Hester seem to share is pride. Hagar and Hester are both proud of their children. Hagar is proud of the characteristics that her sons posses, while Hester is proud of her daughter even when she is demonic. Hagar is very proud of herself and this is what causes her to not accept help from anyone and makes her more independent but also causes her downfall. Hester express pride by putting on the scarlet letter and walking among the people of Boston. However people of Boston dislike her because of her scene (47), she continues to live because of her pride. Therefore, it does not hold much significance upon Hester s life. Hester and Hagar both show pride through their children, their behavior with the people around them, but the pride has different effect on each of their live, where for Hagar it is a fatal flaw and for Hester it is a spectator characteristic.



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