Pc Vs Macs Essay Research Paper Purpose

Pc Vs Macs Essay, Research Paper

Purpose: To persuade the class into believing that the PC is better than a Macintosh


Thesis: After comparing the characteristics of each type of computer, I believe that it is

in the best interest of nearly everyone to purchase and use a PC.

Introduction: Imagine this: Your sitting at a computer typing an important report when

this message pops onto the screen. It has a picture of a little bomb and says ?You must

restart your computer.? Or you may be trying to open your precious report from a floppy

disk and you get the message ?IO error.? Your report is lost and you have to do it again.

Well, these are two typical problems a user of a Macintosh computer may encounter.

This is just an illustration showing a couple of the nuisances associated with using a

Macintosh. Besides being an unstable system, the Macintosh line of computers also has

other drawbacks. In this speech I will explain the drawbacks associated with Mac?s, and

show how a PC is a better option. I?ve compared the characteristics of each type of

computer and believe that it is in most people?s interest to purchase and use a PC.


I. The problem with Macintosh.

A. Mac?s have a greater tendency to produce errors and restarts.

B. The file layout isn?t as clear as in a PC.

1. It is harder to organize the hard drive to optimize performance.

2. The location of a downloaded file is not clear.

C. There is less software available for a Mac, according to Jon Hammer.

1. Few games are available.

2. Professional software is also scarce and not as powerful, according to

Robert Blewett. Robert also says that Mac?s only advantage over a PC is

their use in graphic design.

D. The stability of Apple Computer has been questionable at times. The value of

its stock has fluctuated over the past few years.

E. The ergonomics of the machines themselves, such as the mice found with the

new G3?s could be considered uncomfortable. Their web site says differently,

however. Also, the IMac computers don?t even come with a disk drive.

F. The use of Macintosh is primarily in education. Students may be lost once

they enter the working world and need to operate a PC.

II. The solution is simply for most everyone to become familiar with and use a Windows

based PC.

A. PC?s are used almost entirely in the business and working world. 50

Advantages says that over 95% of computers in the market are PC?s.

B. The majority of software written for computers today is written for

PC?s, and generally the PC version of most software is more powerful and user

friendly, according to Robert.

C. The most powerful processors today are available for PC?s, according to John

Gartner from Tech Web?s technology news.

D. Upgrading is more realistic and service can be found at most computer stores,

according to the 50 advantages PC?s running Windows have over the Macintosh.

Service and upgrades for Mac?s is generally more expensive and harder to find.

Conclusion: After showing the numerous drawbacks to the Macintosh line of computers

and showing the many perk?s associated with PC?s, I hope I have persuaded you into the

belief that choosing a PC is a wise choice. Aside from having a slight advantage in

graphics design, the Macintosh is behind the PC and in my mind is inferior.

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