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It was a quiet day in the town of Hickibob. Herb just got home from his job down at the plant and was very anxious just to

plop himself down on the couch and have a beer.

“Honey will you get me a beer?” Herb exclaimed.

“Sure thing Herb. So honey how was your day at the plant?”

“The same as every other day. The boss is always on my case about something.”

“Don’t worry honey, soon as we win that lottery you can quit your job at the plant,” Suzy replied kiddingly.

“Ya sure, like that will ever happen.”

The next day Herb’s son Mark comes home from school with a black eye.

“Son what happened?” Herb frantically exclaimed!

“I got the snot beat out of me because we don’t have much money and they don’t like the clothes I wear. Oh, and they

also said you were a bum.”

“Don’t you go listening to them son they don’t know what there talking about. I’ll phone the school and get this

straightened out.”

Suddenly Suzy came screaming into the living room.

“Shout up Suzy I’m trying to get a hold of the school!”

“Herb we just won the lottery!” Suzy being very thrilled.

“What! how much?” Herd excitedly replied.

They then phoned the lottery headquarters. The people at the main office said they’d have to fly to Winnipeg to receive

their money. The next day they were off to Winnipeg. After they got home they decided they were going to start a whole

new life. They were moving to Beverly Hills.

“I can’t wait to leave, we’ll start our whole live over and never have money problems again,” replied Suzy.

“The best part of it is I’ll never have to work another day,” replied Herb.

“Ya and no one will ever bug me again because we don’t have money,” Mark exclaimed.

The next week was the best week of their lives. Once they got to their Beverly Hills mansion they decided to just relax for

a few days before they decided where to invest their money. The next couple of days they swam in their large pool,

shopped, drank, and just lived life to it’s fullest. Before long Herb thought he better invest all his money somewhere, so he

could start collecting interest. Herb thought the best way to find a investor was through the phoneboob. The name of the

place was Crazy Willy’s Investment Agency. Herb then decided to give Crazy Willy a telephone call.

“Is this Crazy Willy’s Investment Agency?” Herb questioned.

“Sure is, this is Crazy Willy himself.”

“Yes, I have ten million dollars and was wondering if you could help me invest it?”

“Well I’ll have to check my schedule, but I think I can fit you in.”

“That would be great when could we meet?”

” Well….say tomorrow at 9:00.”

“That would be great see you tomorrow.”

The next day Herb went down to Willy’s.

“So how are you today Herb?”

“Oh not to bad”

“Well let’s get down to business”

“O.K, I figured out we’ll put three million into bond, another four million into T-Bills and the rest will just go into a savings

account,” explained Willy.

“Well for the little bit I know about money that sounds like a good plan,” replied Herb.

“That’s good, I’ll get the papers ready for you to sign.”

The next day Willy called Herb to tell him to come down to the office to sign the papers. When Herb got there the papers

that he was to sign were like a book, so Willy told him everything was sorted and he just had to sign on the dotted line.

Herb thought this was great. He got his money invested and all he had to do now was relax. This is where he was wrong.

A few days later Herb was wondering how his money was doing.

“Honey I’m just going to see Willy about our money.”

“O.K see you later.”

Herb then went down to Willy’s office, but when he got there he saw a big for sale sign on the door. He knocked on the

door, but the place was empty. Herb immediately went down to the bank to see if his money was alright.

“Why if it isn’t Herb,” the cashier lady said.

“Yes, I was wondering if I could see my bank statement.”

“Why certainly Herb.”

“What the hell’s going on there’s only 3.3 million left in my account! What happened to the other two-thirds.”

“A weird greasy man came in here with all the right papers with your signature on all of them.”

“He was suppose to invest it for me not steal it from me.”

“I’ll call the police,” exclaimed the bank teller.

When the police got there they told Herb there wasn’t much they could do about it because Willy had probably skipped the

country. Now was the tough part, to go home and tell his family he lost a large portion of their money.

“Honey I have something to tell you.”

“Oh, what is it dear”

“You better sit down. I lost all our money.”


“Willy scammed us out of half our money. We have about 3.3 million left, enough to get by.”

“Well surely we can get by on 3.3 million.”

A few day’s later Herb heard back from the police. They said that Willy had an airline ticket for Cuba and there wasn’t

anything they could do about it.


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