Gemini 7 Essay Research Paper Author Jordan

Gemini 7 Essay, Research Paper

Author~ Jordan Cray


Publisher~ Alladin Books

Number of pages~ 197

Author information~ Jordan Cray has writing

many pre-adult books she has a series out

called This book is a early book

from her writing. The series consists of 14


Jonah is a very lucky young man, he snagged his girlfriend Jen when she was young, very tiny with braces and long tangled hair. But now Jonah-and-Jen is practicaly one word to everyone. Everywhere they go without each other all jonah heres is “wheres Jen”.Jen and Jonah have been going steady so long that shes practicaly part of the family. These days Jonah is asking himself. “Where does Jen end and Jonah begin?.”So he decides to put some space between them, and gets himself a new girlfriend: Nicole. Even if she’s just a cybergirlfriend, she’s a dream come true.She is so pretty and she tries hard at everything, at first Jonah thinks she is perfect. But now Nicole wants to meet and Jonah thinks nothing of it. But then Nicole turns up in the flesh. At first he really enjoys it, because Jen doesn’t know about her.

Then one day Nicole shows up at work (he works at a restaurant with Jen) and Jonah discovers his dream is turning into a nightmare. Jen breaks up with him and then everyone hates him because they were a perfect couple. Now all Nicole does is hang around Jonah. Nicole plants drugs on Jen, and Jen is sent to a drug rehab center. After Jonah finds out that Nicole planted drugs on Jen he goes to the drug rehab center, and breaks Jen out.

It’s very late so Jonah goes to a house of one of his parents friends (they aren’t home so Jonah breaks in). They both go to sleep and then Jonah wakes up to the smell of smoke. He runs outside to find Nicole saying that she didn’t “do it”, then Nicole jumps into the water. Jonah knows that she cannot swim so he jumps in after her, he can’t find her so he goes to the surface to see Nicole holding Jen, with a knife to her neck. Slowly Jonah creeps to them and then Jen trips her and all of a sudden she stops moving and blood is pouring all over. Nicole has fallen on the knife and dies.

The book was very good. It was very suspenseful but not too scary most of the time. (but very scary at some parts). All types of readers will enjoy this book it was very fast reading. I read it in about two days. This book is one of those books that you cannot put down I read it at night, on the bus, and during lunch. This book and many other books done by this author are superb.


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