Disciplining A Child Essay Research Paper In

Disciplining A Child Essay, Research Paper

In today s society children are becoming more and more disrespectful. Most parents do their best to make their child understand what is acceptable behavior and what is not. When a parent spanks a child, he or she should then realize they have made a mistake and know not to do it again, but usually they mess up once more. Schools should have some sort of input toward disciplining a student. After all, if a parent can not control a child, why send them off in public, especially to school knowing they will be disrespectful and offensive to others?

Spanking a child can have positive and negative influences. For example, if teachers state to the child why they whipped him or her, the teachers might accomplish disciplining the child. Teachers need to let the child know they will not tolerate that form of behavior. If the teachers do not express why they are spanking the child, it will most likely project a negative influence, compelling the child to do it again; therefore, you will be back where you started, with a very disobedient child. I believe spanking should be done, as a last resort, after the teacher has tried detention or time-out, after the teacher has explained to the student why he/she is getting spanked, and after the teacher has met with the parents to find a better solution before spanking.

Spanking is a very stern punishment. The teacher should try to talk with the student to resolve the issue or punish the student in less severe ways before actually paddling the student in front of other classmates. If the student were at a younger age, calming the student down and talking with them would probably be more helpful rather than spanking the child, when they know no better. Spanking will only cause fear and anxiety in children who do not yet understand such concepts as actions and consequences.

Teachers should explain why they are spanking the child. Children will most likely believe that, I m a bad person rather than I did a bad thing , if the teachers do not explain carefully. Disciplining a child requires a tremendous investment of time, energy, and patience, so it is important to find appropriate and effective techniques. For example, it will not be effective to tell youngsters not to play with items that are dangerous to them such as scissors, because they do not perceive the consequences.

If teachers do not have permission to spank a child; it will cause major court battles. I believe that if parents would become more involved with their child’s behavior in school, there would be fewer hassles for teachers to discipline children. Teachers do not go to work to discipline children; they go to teach kids an education. It is not the teachers role to teach kids the rights and wrongs of life. Parents should discipline their children well enough in the home to were teachers can do their job without having to stop and correct rebellious students.

There are many other solutions preferable to spanking. Parents and teachers can reward good behavior, announce clear, simple rules at a time when children are calm and listening. The question of whether or not children should be spanked is not easy to answer. However, spanking is only one of the factors which needs to be considered in the overall discipline process. In deciding how to discipline children, teachers and parents should first ask, What do I want to accomplish? If the answer is To teach my children how to make good choices on their own, spanking may not even be an issue.


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