Theories On Drug Legalization Essay Research Paper

Theories On Drug Legalization Essay, Research Paper

Theories of Drug Legalization If Drugs were legal they would be easily accessable and legal, Goverment would receive revenue, It deters crime of people obtaining drugs, and gives better emotional state of americans. The other side of this is the highly possible death by overdose, psychological problems because of drug abuse, anarchy over the alleged govermental control over drugs increase the number of drug addicts, lead to more children using drugs,increase the number of hard-core addicts, increase drug-related problems and costs, and increase crime There is another argument of Prohibition, and the war on drugs in theory isn’t valid, because like in 1919 , when alcohol was outlawed, all that prove to do was defeat the purpose of prohibition by glamorizing Drugs and Alcohol through the black market because people need Drugs and Alcohol, and that’s reality. Most People Feel that Drug Legalization isnt the way. Feeling that Legalization is giving up on the war on drugs. Thinking that the Legalization of drugs will increase the problems drugs bring. I feel that the war on Drugs have been lost. Drug abuse accounts for a large proportion of present-day law violation.

One drug theory states that “Drugs Causes Crime”. Most drug related crime results from drug-addicts trying to obtain drugs. Another drug theory states that “Crime Causes Drugs”. Other drug related crime results from Drug Crime Lords & Syndicates transporting the drugs to the neigborhood for the neighborhood dealers to sell. From these factors, I feel that Drugs should be legalized. One theory of mine is Goverment control centers. Let the goverment administer the drugs to people and maybe produce a concentrated form of addictive substances so people wont need them so frequent. Another theory of mine is putting drugs in common food & water to regulate people & make drugs a necessity so it wont be so exclusive. Positive effects of my theories of Legalization is Less Crime causing Drugs, Less Drugs causing Crime, Better health for people. The only negative effects I see that the government can easily be handled is the need of more money in the transportation and production of drugs, and having to spend more time in the control of drugs. Drugs are here and there is no way to win the war on drugs because even if you take all of the illegal drugs, people will glamorize the abuse of regular drugs on the market, and that will become a problem. I say if the goverment really wants control over illegal drugs, they should take control by legalizing it by taking jurisdiction and admistration of illegal drugs and make it legal.


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