Child Development Essay Research Paper The stages

Child Development Essay, Research Paper

The stages of Cognitive Development from the Piagetian point of view are the

Sensorimotor Stage (birth to two years of age), the preoperational stage (2 to 7

years), Concrete Operational stage (7 to 11 years) and finally the formal

operational stage (11 years and up)

? Senseorimotor Stage- which is from birth to two years of age. This stage

involves learning to respond through motor activity to the array of stimuli that

are a part of the senses. This primary stage is split into 6 substages.

1. Stage One (0-1 month) this is where infants begin to use and develop their

reflexes. For example the baby will try to suck on any object that is in or

around its mouth.

2. Stage Two (1-4 months) where the newborn repeats circular reactions. These

reactions are things like thumb sucking, things that have to do with the infant?s


3. Stage Three (4-8 months) this is where Secondary circular reactions take

place. These secondary reactions are effects that the child sees and enjoys. An

example of secondary circular reactions would be when a child shakes a rattle;

he/she hears the noise from inside the toy and enjoys the sound.

4. Stage Four (8-12 months) this stage is called purposeful coordination of

secondary schemes. This particular stage is where the baby?s behavior has more

of a meaning and purpose. Where the motor skills and sensory skills start to

come together. This is a very active where the baby starts to crawl across the

room and grabbing toys.

5. Stage Five (12-18 months) this certain stage is named Tertiary Circular

reactions. This is where the child begins using trial and error, to try to learn

new and different things. An example of this would be if a child were to touch a

hot stove, through trial and error he/she will learn that the stove will burn

them and to not touch it again.

6. Stage Six (18-24 months) this is the mental solution where the toddler

begins to think and solve problems in their own way. This is also where some

extensive language skills just begin to evolve.

? Preoperational Stage- this is mainly the mental stage which involves much

thought and logic. They deal with this deep thought process through using

symbolic thinking. Trying to visualize what they want to do through pictures in

their heads. This also is a very important time where language and communication

will take place.

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