Hopi Essay Research Paper The Hopi Way

Hopi Essay, Research Paper

The Hopi Way The Hopi Indians are a remarkable tribe who lives on a reservation in the desert and mountains ofArizona. The word Hopi can be translated to peaceful or happy, this description is appropriate for a culturewhich lacks tenseness, competition, and materialism. The Hopi are like any other tribes in North America,the Hopi have a strong sense of “extended family”, which means attachment to other Hopi, their heritage,and ceremonies. The Hopi are unlike any other tribes even the Navajo; Navajo are more aggressive andwidely dispersed over a reservation surrounding the Hopi. The families teach “The Hopi Way” which is asystem of values, and behaviors that run deep through the culture. The Hopi society is “matriarchal”; themother represents authority and lineage, which means, “line of descent”. The families belong to clansextended over a wide territory; the clan creates a network of intricate, associations, and relationships. Theirtribal customs concern kinship, but forbid in-clan marriage. The chief is a village counselor who helpspeople follow ancient Hopi precepts, however the chief doesn’t issue orders or possess power. The Hopi

learn self-discipline, restraint, and concern for welfare for members at an early age; the extended family alsohas members. The children share responsibilities such as economics of the family, and they also learn towork. The work is done without urging, it’s part of their obligation, it’s worthwhile, isn’t dreaded, and it’snot done for rewards. The Hopi learn to believe in universal continuity, and in spiritual forces whichmanifest themselves through physical reality. The Hopi view things and see dynamic processes, they try toremain in harmony with the universe. Their prayer is a will or exercise which is not supplication, also theyhave a belief that human beings cause change caused by and individual act of collective will. Every Hopi isresponsible for direct thoughts and desires, the direction is “The Hopi Way” which is towards constructiveand good, but away from destructive and evil. The thoughts must be turned toward health, strength, andhappiness, these three things represent “The Hopi Way” which is the way of harmony.


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