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Gambling Essay, Research Paper

Sports Gambling

There are a number of different ways a person can gamble on Professional football. The only problem is here in Wisconsin it is illegal. In the following I will list several different ways a person can gamble on football.

The first way ill talk about is “numbers”. The way it works is you buy a #, and lets say the number is 3-4. After each quarter you take the last digit of each teams score and if it matches the number you have then you win. The payoff is usually times 5, so if the score is 23-24 at half time then you win.

Another type is the parley card. This is the hardest one too win on. How it works is you have all the games and the odds along with the The over under is the combined score of the two teams. So if the over under is lets say 45 and the final score is 27-23 which equals 50 then the over wins. However if the score equals the exact number then you loose and the bookie wins. People might say its easy to win, the only thing is there is a minimum bet, you have to bet on 3 games and if your wrong on one you loose. The payoff is you take the amount you bet and multiply it by the amount of games you bet on.

Some other forms of gambling are

Each week you pick the winners(straight up ,no odds) and whom ever has the most right wins. In case of a tie you usually predict the score of your hometown team.

2 The 22 board ,it has 30 people and its a season long bet, each week so much is put in the pot and if its not won one week it moves on too the next weeks pot plus the amount normally put in. each person has the same team for every week.

3 You play a parley card in which case you pick the games (with the odds) or you pick whether or not a team will cover or else you pick the over under.The over under is the two teams combined points added together.


Dallas + 6 at Minnesota o-u 45

The final score is Dallas 33 Minnesota 24

In this case in order to have both right you would have had to pick Dallas and the over.

Now here is the formula to estimate the final score.

Miami at Buffalo

Record 11-5 9-7

Points scored 368 336

Points allowed 208 288

Miami’s Final score = tp / gp + opa / ogp / 2

Buffalo’ Final score = tp / gp + opa / ogp / 2 +3 ( home field advantage)

Tp= total points, gp= games played opa= opponents points allowed, gp= games played , ogp= opponents games played , /= divided by

Now if you do this correctly the final score would be Miami 21 Buffalo 20.

Now of course these scores are not 100% accurate, the spreads may not be the same as the ones calculated, its just an estimate.

In closing I’d like to make it clear that gambling can become addictive , if this happens to you you can call gambelers anonymous for help.


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